Mother Nature is Unforgiving: The Ride

Icon Raiden DKR Jacket Back Rashed MotoADVR

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2 Responses to Icon Raiden DKR Jacket Back Rashed MotoADVR

  1. Mike says:

    Glad to hear it turned out pretty minor. I think I’ll skip the Icon stuff. I had a similar crash once, only my bike ended up under a school bus full of kids screaming in Spanish. I was coming home from work through Medway and the school bus driver was making a left and just slammed on the brakes halfway through for no apparent reason. I darted toward the shoulder before I applied the brakes so no one ran up my ass. It was toward the end of winter and the shoulder was full of silt and the front tire washed the moment I touched the front brake. I got off it and the bike went into a tank slapper and tossed me off onto a curb. When I got up, the bike was lodged firmly under the bus.
    I wasn’t going more than 30 mph and as fast as I could react to release the brakes, the front slide thru the silt was still more than 7 ft. Had I been riding my bike with ABS, it would have been a drama free day I’m sure.
    I had gear and a helmet and when the cops got there, they were surprised to see that I was perfectly fine. One commented that when they usually see such an accident the motorcyclist is usually dead or well on his way.
    The kids all belonged to immigrants working the farms out that way.
    I got a ticket for failure to maintain control as I recall. I called a lawyer and he said he could get just about anything knocked down to a non moving violation, but school buses are sacred cows. No judge will plea those down.


    • Drew Faulkner says:

      That’s ridiculous. Motorcyclists fight an uphill battle. With jokers tossing their bikes in the ditch solo (like me)… that doesn’t help either.


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