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Army veteran becomes mechanical engineer, moonlights as a blogger… no, seriously.

TOSHIBA Exif JPEGBorn and raised in Dayton, Ohio, right after high school I took a short tour around the globe wearing camouflage for a few years. Staring up at the stars at night I asked myself what I wanted to do with my life after I escaped from the desert. Considering the college was paid for, I convinced myself engineering was the only thing that could hold my attention for four years. Yet, as the end of college neared, I suddenly found myself fascinated with the thought buying a motorcycle.

motoadvr_speedmasterlowfrontAs a college graduation present, in 2013 my wife bought me my first motorcycle; a brand new Triumph Speedmaster. That bike triggered a two-wheeled obsession that surpassed any of my previous hobbies. Before long, the motorcycle became my strict mode of transportation (almost), expanded my social circle, and more than anything else, it gave birth to an insatiable appetite for wanderlust.

In the first days of 2015, preparing myself for the grey months of the Midwestern winter,Icon Raiden DKR Triumph Scrambler MotoADVR I decided to build a website to catalog my travels, document my maintenance frustrations, and in general, entertain the masses with blurbs about travel, local food, and everything motorcycles. These days the adventures to the local diner have evolved into tales of daylong journeys to Appalachian pizza parlors, national motorcycle rallies, and otherwise testing my limits in the saddle. If not a testament about the latest adventure from the road, I try to post weekly (or bi-weekly) about tinkering with the bike, the latest motorcycle and gear I fancy, or whatever newsworthy topic seems to strike a chord with me.

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  1. MotoCynic says:

    It’s awesome that whenever I read a motorcyclist’s bio I can hear the echos of my own. The passion motorcycles bring out in us is so universal. Thanks for writing about your adventures!

    • It’s become an insatiable fever without end. I never get home from a long ride and feel anything other than the need for more. It is awesome to meet other people suffering from the same condition!

  2. Stephanie Smith says:

    Hey Drew! I was also at the Triumph Dragon Raid in ’14 (you mentioned you were I believe on another section of your blog). I am terrible with names, but wonder if we met. We went down with our friends who both have Triumphs…even though I was on my Honda CBR250r and my husband was in his Miata 🙂 Cherohala Skyway was fantastic, more so on the way back after the rain stopped, fog cleared and sun was out. The fast and sweeping road is really nice. Blue Ridge Parkway was also cool, though my stomach did some flip flops when I’d see the drop-offs. Not sure if we’ll make it this year, as one Triumph friend is moving to California and the other is going to be a father in August. Love your blog; looking forward to reading more, especially concerning Dayton area. I grew up north of Dayton. Plan to take a motorcycle trip up to “my parts” some time this spring and see the old stomping grounds, take pictures and of course post about it. Live in Cincinnati now. Take care!

    • Thanks for browsing! I remember your CBR250 distinctly in fact (great looking bike); my Speedmaster wasn’t parked very far away. I’m looking forward to getting down there again this year; I hope it’s drier this time. Hopefully we’ll see you then!

      • Stephanie Smith says:

        Thanks! And yep nicer weather would certainly be great. Enjoy this week – forecast is looking good for Monday at least.

      • Yes Ma’am! I was riding on February 21st last year… Old Man Winter wouldn’t let go this year! You too!

  3. nativeiowan says:

    Drew, I can offer a way to beat ol man winter… Spend part of the year in Australia… Only down side is too much ride time and no winter to rebuild the machines… Thanks for checking out my blog… https://nativeiowan.wordpress.com/.


  4. dcgull01 says:

    Boy Drew, are we brothers from another mother, or what? We share the same obsession, and, the love of the very same bike! Needless to say, I have some reading to do-just to catch up with your Ohio based adventures. Maybe, you will check out mine, as I flesh them out on my blog= because, you’ve inspired me to post more of my writings on similar, yet NH based, and, from a different background stories. Never quite sure where to begin or end- I over respond on occassion- oops! I’ll read more of your adventures- now that I found you! Thanks for keeping the passion alive during the cold, Winter months! Dave

    • Thanks Dave! Winters here have been awful over the past couple years, I’m sure even worse in your part of the country; I figured this was the best way to “weather the storm”. I plan on having more DIY stuff up soon, combined with more street eats if I’m lucking. Thanks for stopping by!

  5. dcgull01 says:

    Drew, is there any chance that you would Cosnider making & selling a few of those polyemethyle methacrylate grips to followers? I’m always looking for ways to ensure tend my season. & these would be awesome! Based on the fact that you already have a layout, the hardest part is bending it. I would probably leave MI email clear, so, paint isn’t even needed!

    Let me know what your thoughts are…


    • Dave,

      I’m a free-market capitalist, the thought has absolutely crossed my mind. Bike fitment is typically where the concern lies. Many folks have asked me about my hand guards and fly screen, the problem is that they’re bike specific because I use existing fasteners. Shoot me an e-mail and I’ll be happy do discuss further.

      • dcgull01 says:


        We have the same bike. Mine is a 2012, and, yours is a 20xx? Without taking my Sox off, I’m guessing a ’12 as well, based on. Your 2 year ownership and 24,000 mIles so far…

        Even if you have a 2013, there is no difference between handlebars, grips, etc… Yes, I mounted bar end mirrors, but, I don’t see any issue with that. I can go back to stock, if needed! Also, pleasemail let me know what you used for grip warmers, and, whether you think they are great. I want to buy and I stall only once- if you know what I mean.

      • 2013, yes sir. Email sent!

  6. janaknmistry says:

    it is great to know someone who is like minded and enjoy motorcycling as much as I do. I am glad you visited my post. I am organise the rides to the northernmost point of India in the month of July, august and September. It would be great if you can make it.

  7. gpcox says:

    A pleasure to meet you and a sincere Thank You for your service.

    • Thanks for reading! The honor is mine, not a day goes by that I don’t call on the experience gained from the military; in the words of Brad Pitt “Best job I ever had!”

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