Motorcycle Events recap and plans for next year

MotoADVR_GunnerFrontAs a moto-aholic it goes without saying that I attend a number of motorcycle related events each year. I would say I generally split my riding time (somewhat) equally between solo riding, group riding, and organized events. Of course, not all of these events are riding, some of these are expositions and cruise-ins (i.e. the International Motorcycle Show). I also try to make it to as many demo events as possible, while you may like the bike you’re currently on, I see no reason not to window-shop when you can.
I typically go to a given event, then take the time in the following weeks to edit photos, video, and write about my experience.TriumphRally6 As a result, the actual date the event took place may be  a bit ambiguous. In order to help folks book their calendars for next year, I figured I would post a schedule of the prominent events I attended, or at least planned on attending, this year (blog posts are hyperlinked), along with a tentative list of events I want to try to make next year. Many of next year’s event dates are actually confirmed already, however for your convenience I have started an Events Calendar (see the drop down link under “events” on the menu bar) where I will update event dates as I receive them.


If you know of other good events or a particular event that you want to hear more about, please leave comments below!


2015 Events

Progressive International Motorcycle Show Cleveland (IMS) 1/30/15 – 2/1/15

Garage Brewed Moto Show 2/10/15

Moonshine Lunch Run 4/11/15

Indy Mad Max Run (2nd Annual) 4/26/15

Rolling Thunder – 5/22/15 – 5/24/15

2015 Ride for Warriors Poker Run 5/30/15

Victory Demo Day @ Motorsports of Dayton 6/16/15

Indian Motorcycles Demo Day @ American Heritage Motorcycles (Loveland, OH) 6/20/15

Thunderburg (Miamisburg, OH) 7/17/15

Fill the Helmets 2015 (Dayton, OH) 7/25/15

Victory Demo Day @ Motorsports of Dayton 8/21/15

2015 Triumph Dragon Raid 9/7/15 – 9/13/15

Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride, Columbus 9/27/15

Motoberfest, Cincinnati 10/2/15 – 10/4/15



2016 Events

IMS Cleveland 1/29/16 – 2/1/16 (Confirmed)

IMS Chicago 2/12/16 – 2/14/16 (Confirmed)

2016 Garage Brewed Moto Show 2/6/16 (Confirmed)

Daytona Bike Week 3/4/16 – 3/13/16 (Confirmed)

Moonshine Lunch Run – 4/9/16 (Confirmed)

2016 Triumph Ozark Raid 4/28/16 – 5/1/16 (Website)

Indy Mad Max Run 4/30/15 (Confirmed)

Rolling Thunder 5/27/16 – 5/30/16 (Confirmed)

2016 Ride for Warriors Poker Run 6/11/16 (Confirmed)

Ride to the Sky (Mt. Washington) 6/13/16 & 6/16/16 (Confirmed)

Lima Half Mile (AMA Flat Track) – June 2016 (Website)

Indy Mile (AMA Flat Track) – July 2016 (Website)

Mid-Ohio Vintage Days – 7/8/16 – 7/10/16 (Confirmed)

Fill the Helmets – July 2016

2016 Sturgis Motorcycle Rally 8/8/16 – 8/14/16 (Confirmed)

2016 Triumph Dragon Raid 9/12/16 – 9/18/16 (Confirmed)

Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride – September 2016 (Website)

Barber Vintage Days – 10/7/16 – 10/9/16 (Confirmed)

Motoberfest – October 2016

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2 Responses to Motorcycle Events recap and plans for next year

  1. witttom says:

    Mt. Washington, big thumbsup. One of those over-the-top experiences. Don’t think I’d want to do it with a group though.

    Sturgis. Eh. Don’t get me started. Doubt I’d ever do that again, although would like to see more of that area again without all the rolling road blocks. Daytona I would maybe consider doing again, but I’d do it differently. Hehe…

    I need to do both the Ozarks Raid, and Barber Vintage Days again. Other than the Dragon Raid, I doubt if I’ll be able to do any of these others in 2016 but who knows.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Agreed, I’m always vexed about riding solo vs. taking a few friends. Definitely agreed about Sturgis, I’d love to see Sturgis, but NOT during bike week, I don’t think I could handle the traffic etc. Ultimately this is my yearly wishlist, obviously I made maybe half of the events this year, I estimate next year will be similar.


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