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Indian Motorcycles: Seduced by an icon

Ohio weather has continued its depressingly frigid trend this week, with more snow on the way shortly. Admittedly, motorcycle news has improved slightly this week as manufacturers are getting their new demo bikes out to the press outlets; I caught … Continue reading

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Commuting: The gridlock rant

If I hadn’t previously mentioned, I hate commuting. I commute directly through downtown virtually everyday for work; it’s painful. First world problems I suppose, but frankly I just can’t get over the way people behave behind the wheel. I’m sure … Continue reading

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Scrambler: The Motorcycle Sweet Spot?

There’s a line in Apollo 13 that I will never forget: “I don’t care what it was designed to do. I care about what it CAN do!” (I’ve probably mentioned this before… maybe a few times…) I don’t know if … Continue reading

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Surviving the winter: subzero insanity

I can’t describe the last week’s weather with any words short of “Punishing”. The high Thursday was 8, Friday started at 10 below zero, and 8 inches of snow Saturday; mind numbing to this moto-holic.  I realize that’s not particularly … Continue reading

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Gmax Brain Bucket: Long term review of the 54S

While I love to debate safety gear, especially the lack of thereof; a helmet is probably the first piece of kit the average rider buys. Overtime I imagine I will touch on the polarizing topic of mandatory helmet laws, but that … Continue reading

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Surviving the Winter: Motorcycle Maintenance

Taking a little joy ride wasn’t the only time I spent with my ride last weekend; I also dedicated about 2 hours to some necessary maintenance that I truly despise: polishing aluminum. Why… -just why on earth do manufacturers sell … Continue reading

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Surviving the Winter: Jack Frost blinks

January came to an end, despite a short respite which I actually brought the bike back home (…to the porch), she’s sat covered for the last few weeks. Finally, after the outbreak of spring fever, temperatures rose above freezing Saturday … Continue reading

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Cleveland IMS: Unsung Heroes

There is a lot going on at the IMS every year. Working my way through the crowds that weekend I was left with the feeling of “same old, same old” but after writing the last few blog entries I realize … Continue reading

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Cleveland IMS: Courting the big cat

The moment of truth was upon me, after browsing the various wares of the show, I was finally stepping into the Triumph booth. I’ll apologize now for the British obsession, hopefully you can see past it, or get caught up … Continue reading

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Cleveland IMS: The Kawasaki that surprised me

All the hype last year seemed to be about the new supercharged motorcycle, the Kawasaki H2. I admit that I recognized the photos, and realized that supercharging a motorcycle wasn’t necessarily something new, but doing so on a mass production scale … Continue reading

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