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New features on Moto Adventurer!

I want to thank everyone again for offering such encouraging feedback on the survey I sent out a few weeks back. I had a few plans in the works for new content and changes to the website, thanks to comments from … Continue reading

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There’s frost on my windshield… but none on my motorcycle

I apparently have a sickness, it’s rare, and from what I can tell, untreatable. We’re well into fall, with winter right around the corner here in southern Ohio; that being said, I realize my riding days are numbered at this … Continue reading

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What about Social Media?

I wanted to thank everyone for their responses and support of the blog from the survey posted last week. It’s been really awesome reading the feedback from everyone that participated, I really appreciate the comments and input! If you’ve not … Continue reading

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What’s in your Dream Garage?

It goes without saying, I would first need a garage, let alone a dream garage. That being said, most motorcyclists have some bike they’d “love to have” but don’t because… (insert reason here). If money were no object, what would … Continue reading

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Triumph Dragon Raid 2015: Day 7 – The Long Ride Home

At dinner Saturday night I was enjoying steak along with  good company, while at the same time deciding if I wanted to take the long way home, or just burn it up the freeway with the boys. Figuring that it … Continue reading

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What brings you to Moto Adventurer?

We’re entering the 11th month of this blogging experience and I thought it was only fair to you, the readers, to get your opinion on how things are going. I’m currently sitting on more content than I can keep up … Continue reading

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Triumph Dragon Raid 2015: Day 6 – Bridal Veil Falls and the Saturday Night Party

By day six, I estimate that most folks, having been at the lodge since Sunday night, had probably hit the majority of their favorite destinations. Having already checked two items off my moto bucket list, and having nabbed low angle … Continue reading

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