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Surviving the Winter: Day 28

I brought the bike back to the house last Friday. The past few winters since I got my license I’ve typically stored my ride elsewhere because I don’t have a garage. I suppose that’s a dirty secret I hadn’t yet … Continue reading

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Frostbite: Riding below zero

“Aren’t you cold?” Me: “No; it’s all about Passion” “How do you ride when it’s this cold?” Me: “All the right gear” Some of you have probably had this conversation a few times. The looks of other drivers on the … Continue reading

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The Hamburger Wagon: Pubs & Street Eats in the ‘Burg

While riding is most certainly about satisfying my adrenaline addiction, it’s also about the drinks, local eats, and good company. I typically pick rides that are off the beaten path, but to keep the wife interested on the road I typically … Continue reading

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Snowpocalypse: is riding in the snow possible; if so, at what cost?

The first major snow has just fell in Dayton, and I’m salty about it. Year-round riding is definitely in my repertoire, but at some point, the bike gets parked in the garage. But what if I didn’t have to? Is … Continue reading

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What started it all

Everyone has a story about the moment they caught moto-fever, here’s mine: I wish I had an original childhood Cinderella story, but that would be a lie. It is true that at about four years old my dad took me … Continue reading

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Long Term Review: Triumph Speedmaster

The Triumph Speedmaster, the bike I lusted after for almost two years was finally mine in April of 2013. Having traveled far and wide together (well… maybe), I felt it was only fair to share the good and the bad … Continue reading

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Chasing the Big Cat

After riding the absolute snot out of my trusty Speedmaster, I fear we may have reached an impasse: Saddlebags and windshields are ugly on cruisers (sorry, someone had to say it), and worse yet, I hate cleaning chrome. Lola, yes … Continue reading

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Day 1: Surviving the winter

It’s Winter in Ohio, and for the motorcycle obsessed like myself, it’s a particularly manic-depressive roller coaster in this part of the world. Following yesterday’s torrential downpours and temps in the high 50’s, the high today is 49, which was at … Continue reading

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