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Motorcycle Shopping: 7 Reasons to buy an Adventure Bike

Since the commenting that I’m in the market for an Adventure bike I’ve been met with apprehensive responses from a lot of different people. In attempt to better explain my interest, I started looking for articles outlining the advantages of owning … Continue reading

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If it aint raining we aint training: first wet ride of the season

“If it aint raining, we aint training” is a common military expression I’m all too familiar with. While I’m a believer that nearly everyone has the physical capability to become a solider, what excludes most people is the mental fortitude … Continue reading

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Preliminary Riding report: Ad hoc Smoky Mountain Trip

I have a buddy with a standing rule: “If you see my motorcycle on a trailer… call the police –because it’s stolen!” An excellent rule, which I plan to live by… no sooner than I said that, fate called my … Continue reading

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Motorcycle Maintenance: Routine Chain and Sprocket Replacement

While out sampling the fine Camden cuisine a couple weeks back, parked in front of The Depot, I noticed a piece of rubber O-ring seal protruding from my chain. With just shy of 26,000 miles, that chain’s days were numbered, … Continue reading

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DIY Motorcycle Accessories: Homemade Hand Guards

A new RAT pack member asked me the other day where I got my “BarkBusters” (Hand Guards) from. As it turns out, I actually made the hand guards and the windscreen on my bike, so I figured I’d share a … Continue reading

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Preliminary Ride Report: Moto Tag in South Indy

Despite my better judgement, I woke up early Sunday morning with the intent to snag the latest RAT Pack Moto Tag in south Indiana. Still significantly frosty outside, Lola started up with no protest thanks to the new battery. I … Continue reading

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