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Harley Davidson Street 500: First Impressions

A few weeks back I caught an article about Harley Davidson (HD) offering the Basic Rider Course (BRC) free to Active Duty Military and Military Veterans through their Rider Academy. While I currently have my endorsement, and consider myself an … Continue reading

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Random Blurbs: If it costs more it has to be better right?

It’s a given that I cruise a lot of motorcycle related media from day to day. I recently noticed on the Motorcyclist Online Facebook page that they had posted “Motorcycle of the Year” (MOTY) awards for various classes. Apparently I … Continue reading

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Random Blurbs: Photos from the weekend

The last two years I have volunteered to lead the August ride for the Dayton chapter of the Triumph RAT Pack (Rider’s Association of Triumph). As I’ve been saying for the past few weeks, I’ve been tooling around the Little … Continue reading

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Ride Report: Indiana Adventures

Last weekend a good Army buddy of mine invited me over for his daughter’s 1st birthday, so I headed over to Indianapolis to attend the party. I happened to have taken I-70 home from Indy earlier this year, after which I … Continue reading

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Random Blurbs: Trains, Tunnels, and Bridges

It’s August and the summer is whipping by. I feel like last year I rode twice as often compared to this year. Just a few days ago I heard a news story that confirmed my suspicion, this has been the … Continue reading

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