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Destination Menifee County: Gateway to Red River Gorge

With the long weekend at hand, the weather cooperated and I finally had a chance to head south to see family, while at the same time enjoying one of my favorite motorcycle rides. As previously mentioned, I make at least … Continue reading

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Random Blurbs: Spring mowing and The Wall of Shame

It’s funny how “motorcycle weather” tends to compete with “golf weather”, but especially “lawn mowing weather”. The past week has mostly been “waiting on rain to stop so I can mow” weather, and unfortunately has delayed any cool adventures to … Continue reading

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Pubs and Street Eats 7: Random Street Tacos

Urban legend had it that there was a taco truck located somewhere in New Carlisle; I heard this rumor for some time after starting my new job in Huber Heights back in 2012. A few weeks back, in a completely … Continue reading

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Random Blurb: Stop means Stop right?

Over the weekend I managed to zip down a few miles of my favorite local roads. After coming around a bend I caught a glimpse of an object moving at high speed on an intercept course. Fortunately, the early warning … Continue reading

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Motorcycle Awareness Month: Sun’s Out, Guns out versus ATGATT

For most of us “motorcyclists”, we’re well into the riding season at this point; old man winter held his grip for as long as he could, but it was 80 plus degrees most of last week. Apparently May is Motorcycle … Continue reading

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Random Blurb: Afternoon Lunch Encounter

I’ve been slammed in the office the past few weeks. Fortunately the weather has been spectacular which has increased riding opportunities, but for the most part it’s just been the daily grind. Since I’ve not had anything pithy to write … Continue reading

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Dressing for the Apocalypse: 2015 Indy Mad Max Run

Last weekend was the 2nd Annual Indy Mad Max Ride and I wasn’t about to miss it. Being the guy who loves taking photos of slums, graffiti, and the like, a Mad Max themed event is like Halloween in April! … Continue reading

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