Moto Adventurer Unscripted: Can You Hear Me Now?

Considering my most recent post, it goes without saying I listen to a lot of podcasts. I’ve been debating about starting a podcast for several months now. MotoADVR Unscripted IconIn light of recent events, most people are sitting at home, including myself. Thus, I decided to seize the opportunity to sit down with a few friends and chat about life and motorcycles; so today you can now listen to the first 4 episodes of “Moto Adventurer Unscripted“.

As with other projects, like the YouTube channel, I’m not entirely sure what direction this will finally take and unfortunately this is one more thing that will likely take time away from writing. That said, I think now is a prime time to get into podcasting. With traditional “live” broadcasts struggling to stay afloat, I’m looking forward to offering a new outlet for motorcyclists, adventure seekers, and otherwise outdoorsy folks.

Right now “the plan” is to host long format podcasts with individual guests (something akin to Joe Rogan). I like the idea of two people sitting down having a casual conversation about things that interest them (not always motorcycles). I prefer the natural environment and letting the conversation flow in whatever direction the guests take it. This is, of course, the infancy of this grand idea, so we’ll see where it lands over time.

For those inclined, you can find “Moto Adventurer Unscripted” on Anchor, Stitcher (pending), Pocket Casts, and Spotify. I’m looking to have it syndicated on additional channels as soon as possible. I’d also love to hear not only feedback about the show, like “upgrade your equipment!” and what platforms you want to listen on; but also the names of guests you’d like to hear from. Please leave comments below or hit me up in e-mail with what you think!

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3 Responses to Moto Adventurer Unscripted: Can You Hear Me Now?

  1. Ted says:

    Welcome to the madness and slightly over populated genre of Motorcycle Podcasts. Good luck!!


    • Drew Faulkner says:

      Thanks Ted! Might end up as a dead end project… but I also like the sound of my own voice… PS how you feel about guesting! LOL


  2. The Motorcycle Addict says:

    Podcast is a ton of fun, enjoy it now (seeing as we all have the time for it). Keep up the good work.


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