Are Motorcycles a Path to Rehabilitation?

I’ve been sitting on this story for a long time. It’s been rolling around in the back of my mind for several years now (like a BB in a boxcar), but I’ve struggled to put pen to paper. After reading one of Chris Cope’s recent blurbs I decided it was time.

After spending two years in the middle east, I returned home for the last time to start a “new” life. Reintegration into civilian life was not a smooth transition. Fortunately, some strange things happened, and unbeknownst to me, the obsession of riding brought about positive change despite shitty conditions. I believe this change is possible for more people. So much so, that I wanted to get this message in front of a larger audience. Today the full story is up on Revzilla; if you would take a few minutes to give it a read and share it with your friends that you think might benefit from it:

Returning from war: How motorcycles made me whole again

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2 Responses to Are Motorcycles a Path to Rehabilitation?

  1. eastgoeseast says:

    That’s an inspiring story, and well written to boot. Seems like sometimes we just need a small change in our lives, a new discovery to change the way we see things. Great that your wife picked up on the idea of riding as a way to help you. That’s real love. I haven’t had to deal with the issues you talk about, but I still find riding a source of energy and good vibes, whether it’s with friends or alone.


  2. MIke says:

    And it gave you something fun to write about. And you’re good at it. Rock on.
    RIP Jerry


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