Surviving the Winter: When the fever hits

Screenshot_2015-02-04-09-44-43That moment when suddenly the temperature breaks freezing, you look outside and see the sun shining. You look down at your watch, the gears start spinning furiously in your mind; trying to figure out how you can blow off the rest of the commitments for the afternoon. All focused on one thing… the ride.

Ten minutes; just starting the engine, feeling the wind in your face, leaning into the curves; just for ten minutes, it’s all worth it.

There’s no medication for this disease, no doctors, no counseling, no 12 step program, no support groups; …only the fever; and the comradery among those who also suffer from it.

I turned on the coffee pot this morning, opened the kitchen blinds, and looked out the window expecting a heavy coating of frost on the car; but no, only the damp morning dew on the glass and hint of moisture on the pavement. That’s when the spring fever hit.

“Is it possible?”

“Is this the day the freeze breaks and I can finally hit the road to the office?”

Frantically looking down at my phone checking the weather report: low 40’s today.

“Can it be…?!?”

No. It Can’t. Wintery mix by 5 PM. Naturally… dreams crushed, yet again by Mr. Meteorologist. Suddenly I start debating… is today worth taking a half day? Shedding afternoon appointments just feel the open road? Hasn’t the weatherman been (stone cold) dead wrong all winter?

Yes and Yes, but my logical sense finally wakes and common sense prevails; a long weekend in June is going to go a lot further than a frigid hour in January.

But there’s still hope, 32 on Friday and 40 on Saturday. Six more weeks Old Man Winter… you can only hold on to your death grip for so long.

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