Pubs and Street Eats 9: Food Truck of the Undead – Zombie Dogz Dayton

I typically find myself fleeing in the opposite direction of whatever is popular (can the IPA fad end already…), MotoADVR_ZombieDogzTruckbut when it comes to food trucks, I can’t get enough! I’ve truthfully been chasing Zombie Dogz all summer. I rolled up to one of their events back in May, but the line was so long I sadly didn’t have time to wait. As it turns out, Despite all of my searching, Zombie Dogz actually came to me; the HR department at my office decided to book Zombie Dogz for a private lunch for the whole company.

MotoADVR_ZombieDogzMenuSo what’s so exciting about this Zombie Dogz place? Road food with bacon, and more bacon! Zombie Dogz serves “gourmet”, all-beef franks on what I would call hoagie-style buns. So it’s another cylindrical street meat joint… but what’s so bad about that? Having finally sampled the menu, I feel it’s fair to say that the food matches the expectation. The All-American hot dog, sprinkled with ample amounts of condiments (especially bacon…) served up with chips and a soda; as they say, the ultimate answer to the cookie-cutter fast food joint.

MotoADVR_ZD_NibblerAfter perusing the menu, I could not resist ordering the “Nibbler”; Muenster cheese, chunky pieces of bacon, homemade chili with onions, and a few stripes of mustard. I was impressed with the all-beef franks,  I’m normally more of a pork sausage kind of guy, the beef frank was a nice change. Unable to let down you, my beloved followers, I was compelled to try the “Gem City Slasher” as well. The Slasher is served with Guacamole, cilantro, sour creme, and more of those delicious chunks of bacon. MotoADVR_ZD_GemCitySlasherThe Slasher would also be a sweet win, however I can’t stand sour cream, and sadly didn’t see it on the description when I ordered it. Fortunately, a spoon came to the rescue, after scraping the sour cream aside, I enjoyed an otherwise excellent hot dog. I’ll warn you, these aren’t your Gold Star Chili sized coneys, these are full sized beef franks, so taking down two at a sitting was a serious undertaking.

Be advised, their menu changes with each event, as does their location; ZombieDogsStickersso, if you’re looking to pin down their truck, head over to their undead website, and follow their updates on Facebook. I feel it probably safe to say that Zombie Dogz is probably “The” most popular food truck in Dayton, so when you’re headed over to grab some grub, plan ahead and leave early; however everyone tells me that the line moves really fast, which I believe to be true based on what little bit I have seen.


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4 Responses to Pubs and Street Eats 9: Food Truck of the Undead – Zombie Dogz Dayton

  1. blueline02 says:

    An emphasis on bacon and motorcycles.

    You, sir, are my favourite motorcycle blogger.

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  2. Experimental Ghost says:

    Beats a burnt snag with a bit if browned onion on a slice of bread we get over here.

    Liked by 1 person

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