What brings you to Moto Adventurer?

KitchenTableWe’re entering the 11th month of this blogging experience and I thought it was only fair to you, the readers, to get your opinion on how things are going. I’m currently sitting on more content than I can keep up with, but after the snow begins falling I don’t imagine that will last long. Ultimately I started this blog to keep my sanity in the winter, but it’s proved to be a very rewarding experience sharing adventures with so many like-minded readers; thus my mission has become more about entertaining you than it has been about “keeping busy” during the winter months (and I like that better anyway).

At any rate, I’ve placed a survey below for your input on what you’ve seen here at Moto Adventurer, your feedback is greatly appreciated!

If the Poll doesn’t display properly, please click here

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1 Response to What brings you to Moto Adventurer?

  1. witttom says:

    “Polls are for strippers and cross country skiers.” ~ Sarah Palin

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