Hiking and Mountain Biking: Rediscovering an Old Hobby


If my wife is reading this right now, she might injure herself rolling her eyes so hard. I have a few hobbies… to say the least (golf, hiking, motorcycles, ice hockey…). As a salty Army Veteran, my rucksack is like my security blanket; every chance to put it on is like reuniting  with a long lost friend. Family vacation left me with a few more pounds on the waistline than I can stand, so it was time to venture back outdoors to tighten the belt a notch or two. While hiking a few weeks back I came across some bicycle trails that were well within riding distance of my house. 20160228_093833 (2)The weather as of late hasn’t been completely conducive to riding (the trails are excessively muddy), so I’ve elected to hike a few days, taking photos of derelicts on the property. After a couple sunny days, I did finally knock the cobwebs off the trusty mountain bike that’s been sitting in the cellar for the last… ten or so years. I’m hardly in fighting shape, but I’m enjoying the ride anyway; Just figured I’d share some of the highlights from the past few weeks.



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5 Responses to Hiking and Mountain Biking: Rediscovering an Old Hobby

  1. Bob says:

    I used to mountain bike a lot back in my cycling days. Even dabbled in a few off-road races during the road “off” season. It’s such great fun. Since giving up cycling, I’ve found a new passion in the woods: trail running. A bit more effort is involved, but I get the same exhilerating high of moving through the woods under my own power as I did on my mountain bike.

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  2. rosnof says:

    I like to photograph my trail rides and/or hikes too!


  3. steve ford says:

    Being in nature is awesome, so I love mountain biking, hiking, and trail running. I’m actually going to look for a new helmet and shoes today ! I must have been feeling your vibe.

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