Breaking in the Scrambler… or maybe it’s breaking me in?

Three weeks and now there’s 2,000 new miles on the Scrambler’s odometer. I’m still impressed by how the Speedmaster and the Scram share the same engine but behave completely different. I imagine after a year or so I’ll start putting some thoughts to “paper” about the long-term performance and character of the new machine.



At any rate, dirt and all-weather was a new goal of mine with the “new ride”, so I’ve been taking advantage of dirt and gravel roads wherever I can find them. I’m still pretty timid about high speed turns on gravel , but I’m getting more comfortable riding while standing (on dirt; I love riding while standing up on pavement!), and leaning the bike around the dusty turns. Still a lot of learning to do, but it’s addicting, that’s for certain.



As I’ve mentioned before, the local Triumph RATs play a bit of “moto tag” locally, a game I enjoy thoroughly because it always offers you and excuse to put miles on the bike. I put in about a hundred miles today, chasing bridges and whatnot across at least two counties. Figured I’d drop a few photos on this, now, rainy afternoon.


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4 Responses to Breaking in the Scrambler… or maybe it’s breaking me in?

  1. Superb bike and gorgeous photos.

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  2. curvyroads says:

    Glad you’re enjoying the new ride!

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