Destination State Route 763: Twisty Roads in Southwest Ohio


At this point of the year I’m gearing up for my big trip to Deal’s Gap for the annual Triumph Rally, but there are a few decent roads to be found here at home. Once you’ve spent time riding in places like West Virginia, Tennessee, and virtually everywhere in Appalachia, it’s tough to find roads that compare in terms of technical riding conditions and view considering all the flat farmland. Last year I had big plans to get down OH-763 on my way to see my Grandma in Kentucky. As usual, “Road Closed” signs be damned, I went on by, only to find a local bridge to be out completely. Bike pointed (excessively) downhill, my dad and I turned back. Fortunately, despite some technical difficulties this summer, I did finally make it down to the river to check out this local riding destination. Last weekend I put together a full day’s ride from Waynesville (Ohio) to Augusta (Kentucky), but the highlight was definitely 763.



Ohio Route 763 runs through Brown County between OH-41 in Aberdeen to OH-125 near Decatur. Across the roughly 13 mile stretch you’ll find series of tight, unmarked, curves in rapid succession, including several elevation changes. Throughout the string, you’ll find good open sweepers along farms through the valleys, often followed by another uphill technical section under the tree canopy. First timers should definitely be on the lookout for gravel “washout” from rural driveways and embankments, along with the constant threat of unmarked, low speed curves. There is not a great deal of traffic along the roadway (at least for the 3 visits I’ve made this July and August), but riders should be cognizant of the threat of slow moving vehicles arriving on several of the secondary road intersections.


There are undoubtedly better roads in Ohio, but in the last 4 years, I’ve yet to find a more technical section of roadway south of I-70 and west of Chillicothe.

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  1. Gerry Mandering says:

    Tell me more about this triumph Rally at Deal’s Gap. I don’t live too far from there and would be interested in coming along.

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