Conserve The Ride 2018: The Road to Pennsylvania

Exhausted. I kicked down the side-stand, and slowly climbed off the scrambler. I looked down to examine the oil spattered all over the back half of the frame and saturating the transmission case. Standing in the parking lot of the filling station, I thought to myself, “…over 320 days in the saddle. I hope this isn’t the deal-breaker…”

Triumph Scrambler Oil Leak MotoADVR.jpg

60 hours earlier… Friday, June 8th

03:45 AM

Alarm goes off, I grab my gear strewn about the couch, turn on my SPOT tracker; mount up on the Scrambler.

05:10 AM

Blasting east down US-35 under the cover of darkness… bored to death.

05:45 AM

Grab gas in Chillicothe, along with a sandwich and some cold coffee.

Chillicothe Gas station Triumph Scrambler MotoADVR

05:47 AM

Drop cold coffee in parking lot… glass shatters next to Scrambler…

06:06 AM

Head east on US-50 toward WV; Rosie uses her super power…


06:57 AM

Ride through rain off and on; finally arrive in Parkersburg, West Virginia.


09:33 AM

Find the glorious West Virginia mountain twisties on US-50. Man I love it here…



10:49 AM

Stop off US-219 near the Maryland border. Hike up to Hoye Crest (Backbone Mountain), the highest point in Maryland; first time I’ve ever walked into a new state.


10:58 AM

Hiked about a half mile up the trail, starting to sweat. Regret wearing my jacket up the hill. Pass a hiker, ask if I’m about halfway there.

11:48 AM

Cross into Maryland on the Scrambler; another new state I’ve ridden to this year; check that off the bucket list.


11:58 AM

Finally drop off the US routes for some of the Maryland backroads.

12:16 PM

Wow, Maryland has beautiful rolling hills and gorgeous sweepers.


12:25 PM

“Holy shit a county lawn tractor…” as the rear tire is skidding…

12:58 PM

Finally reach Pennsylvania.

Pennsylvania Border Triumph Scrambler MotoADVR

1:18 PM

Stop at Mount Davis, the highest point in the keystone state. Find it interesting that Maryland’s highest point is actually taller than the tallest peak in Pennsylvania.

Mt Davis PA Highpoint MotoADVR

1:25 PM

Notice someone familiar starting up the stairs as I’m climbing down the fire tower. Apparently that hiker from Maryland had the same idea I did. (Strange coincidence… it won’t be the last this weekend)

2:07 PM

US-219 aint so bad, these Pennsylvania mountains remind me of Tennessee.

3:15 PM

I-99 is also surprisingly scenic, not quite I-40, but again, reminiscent of US-25E jammed into I-77.

4:30 PM

Pennsylvania Amish country is gorgeous, I could get used to this.

Pennsylvania Countryside MotoADVR

4:51 PM

Finally arrive at Woodward Campground after 12 hours and 538 miles on the road.

Triumph Scrambler CTR Camp MotoADVR

To be continued…


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4 Responses to Conserve The Ride 2018: The Road to Pennsylvania

  1. MarylandMoto says:

    I’m going to hit up Hoye Crest this weekend!


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