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Adventure Motorcycles: Evolution of the Middleweight Segment

Last week, Honda and Suzuki both announced new middle-weight adventure-class motorcycles at the EICMA show in Milan. Considering my fondness for dirt-worthy touring motorcycles, I was obviously excited to hear the news; especially the new offering from Honda. With more models coming onboard out of Japan, the “middle-weight” segment is filling out nicely. At the same time, while I’m happy to see more affordable, capable, twin-cylinder options available to ADV enthusiasts, I question some of the choices manufacturers are making these days. Continue reading

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Tomorrow’s Commute: Self-Driving Cars Against Motorcycles

Will the pursuit of self-driving passenger vehicles remove motorcycles from commuter routes? Are folks distracted by technology or have we sanitized the driving experience to our own detriment? Continue reading

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Two Strokes Versus Four: Confessions of a Woods Racer

After riding and racing a Husky two-stroke enduro for two years, I sold a bike despite my passion for two-stroke engines. Why would I do such a thing? But first, a woods rider’s perspective on an age old debate. Continue reading

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The Motorcycle Cheapskate: Defining Value

When folks ask me how I got into motorcycles, the answer is some variation of:“After watching a movie with a sweet motorcycle, I used $4 a gallon gas to justify buying a scooter.” For whatever it’s worth, the movie was … Continue reading

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The 13 Motorcyclists You’ll Meet

Over the years that I’ve been riding motorcycles, the topic of segmentation and polarity comes up frequently in conversation. Cruiser people versus sportbike people versus commuters; greybeards and teenage fools… The longer I ride, despite the discussion about tribalism, I … Continue reading

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Harley Sportster Project: Adventure Tourer Planning

For folks not following on Instagram, I brought home a new (to me) motorcycle a couple of weeks ago. “Charlotte” is a 2006 Harley-Davidson Sportster 883 Custom with about 9,000 miles on the clock. For anyone that followed the Dirtster … Continue reading

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Triumph Scrambler Project: Stage 4 Upgrades

Somewhere in late 2020, I started writing this update on the status of Rosie the Scrambler and it “got lost in the move”. At any rate, a buddy of mine asked me the other day if I planned on posting something that covered all the stuff I’ve done to the Scrambler since I’ve had it. As I’m publishing a library of “scrammy knowledge” here on the blog, it seemed fitting to post that update here first. Continue reading

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What’s a Dual-Sport Motorcycle? Part 2

In the previous edition of “What is a Dual-Sport Motorcycle?”, I outlined some ground rules and essentially drew a circle around the bikes I feel fit squarely in the segment. While talking to motorcyclists that are considering the purchase of a new dual-sport, I find that many are still unfamiliar with the breadth of models available, moreover the divide in both cost and capability between the bikes at both extremes of the range. 

With that in mind, I want to describe the various sub-categories of dual-sport motorcycles in more detail. I also want to highlight some of the models available from rarer brands. If you have the patience, I’m gonna take a deep dive into the specifications of various models. Lastly, I think there’s a demand for a motorcycle squarely in the middle of the segment that I don’t think currently exists from any of the manufacturers. Continue reading

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Racing Dirtbikes: Reflections on Cross-Country Racing

failure is an experience we want to avoid. Wearing mismatched socks, getting toilet paper stuck to your shoes, and dumping your motorcycle in the parking lot tend to induce feelings of embarrassment. Unfortunately, that aspect of human nature can also prevent us from taking risks; which in turn tends to prevent us from experiencing life’s greatest “highs”. Continue reading

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What’s a Dual-Sport Motorcycle?

You’ve probably heard the expressions “enduro” or “Street & Trail” in the past, but today I suspect most folks use the word “dual-sport” to describe a motorcycle that’s intended for use both on and off the pavement. On and off-road … Continue reading

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