Life Without a Car: Total Motorcycle Commitment

DCIM100GOPROG0044534.The seed for the “Ride 365 Challenge” was the “dream” of riding my motorcycle every single day, and preparing to live life without a car. Having pushed Rosie the Scrambler through the stereotypical Ohio winter, I’m not sure I’m ready for that commitment just yet. That said, my buddy Chris Cope across the pond on the Queen’s Island live that life every day.


While in the midst of riding every day, I discovered in conversation that Chris didn’t own a car; thus I told him that he needed to publish an article about it. We had a lot of back in forth about the finer points of “motorcycle-only life”, along with the challenges of writing said story without coming off as pompous or aloof. Fortunately, Chris is blessed with literary skills vastly beyond mine, and put together a phenomenal piece that tells the story of daily life on two-wheels. Head over to the Motorcycle Obsession and check it out (see direct link below). Don’t forget to subscribe and follow him on Instagram while you’re there.

Living That No-Car Life – What it’s Like


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2 Responses to Life Without a Car: Total Motorcycle Commitment

  1. Benzil says:

    great read thanks!


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