Surviving the Winter: Day 28

I brought the bike back to the house last Friday. The past few winters since I got my license I’ve typically stored my ride elsewhere because I don’t have a garage. I suppose that’s a dirty secret I hadn’t yet told you: My motorcycle lives on my porch 11 months a year (gasp!). At any rate, after a nice ride back home… the weather has been crap. Hopefully what was until recently a mild winter in southern Ohio returns.

At any rate, if you’ve been keeping up with recent posts, I’m on a witch hunt for a winter solution to this whole not riding this. While moving to Arizona, Texas, or Florida would be great; sadly I think that’s a little less feasible than finding a “ride” suitable for snow.

Currently I have my sights on a Ural for a “winter solution”; 2 wheel drive, and the potential to be a sweet marketing idea for a Veteran’s Charity I volunteer with (more on that later); but today I came across this gem, figured I’d share.

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