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What Replaces the Legacy Thumpers?

Air-cooled 650 cc dual sport motorcycles are really long in the tooth at this point. If these bikes fade away thanks to economics and emission standards, what will replace them? Continue reading

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What’s a Dual-Sport Motorcycle? Part 2

In the previous edition of “What is a Dual-Sport Motorcycle?”, I outlined some ground rules and essentially drew a circle around the bikes I feel fit squarely in the segment. While talking to motorcyclists that are considering the purchase of a new dual-sport, I find that many are still unfamiliar with the breadth of models available, moreover the divide in both cost and capability between the bikes at both extremes of the range. 

With that in mind, I want to describe the various sub-categories of dual-sport motorcycles in more detail. I also want to highlight some of the models available from rarer brands. If you have the patience, I’m gonna take a deep dive into the specifications of various models. Lastly, I think there’s a demand for a motorcycle squarely in the middle of the segment that I don’t think currently exists from any of the manufacturers. Continue reading

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Progressive International Motorcycle Show, Chicago: The Remaining Highlights

Erik Buell Racing I was really surprised to see EBR at the show, especially after all the news stories about having issues finding investors, yadda, yadda. Apparently someone ponied up the rest of the cash to keep things going, as the … Continue reading

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Motorcycle Shopping: 7 Reasons to buy an Adventure Bike

Since the commenting that I’m in the market for an Adventure bike I’ve been met with apprehensive responses from a lot of different people. In attempt to better explain my interest, I started looking for articles outlining the advantages of owning … Continue reading

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Cleveland IMS: The Kawasaki that surprised me

All the hype last year seemed to be about the new supercharged motorcycle, the Kawasaki H2. I admit that I recognized the photos, and realized that supercharging a motorcycle wasn’t necessarily something new, but doing so on a mass production scale … Continue reading

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