Random Blurb: Afternoon Lunch Encounter

I’ve been slammed in the office the past few weeks. Fortunately the weather has been spectacular which has increased riding opportunities, but for the most part it’s just been the daily grind.

Since I’ve not had anything pithy to write about in the past few days, I figured I’d drop off this random blurb today. While riding, I’ve come across a countless critters in the roadway over the past few years (i.e. turkeys, squirrels, vultures, mice). This week on my way back from a local taco stand (more on that later), I apparently interrupted lunch of a nearby hawk. Fortunately, both of us were frightened enough by one another a collision was avoided.

To date, that’s probably the most bizarre form of wildlife I’ve passed on the roadway (or near), what’s the strangest animal you’ve had a run-in with?

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4 Responses to Random Blurb: Afternoon Lunch Encounter

  1. India is a developing country is a fact of common knowledge, what it means for road travelers is that the roads are always under construction, new things are being built, potholes keep coming up and get covered after a few fatalities, the road sides, road lights are generally under renovation.

    What makes the ride even more stunt like is the presence of quadrupeds such as cows, dogs etc across the country roads and highways. I had a run in with a bull as i was cruising through a highway under construction at night. The bull came out of nowhere and was moving towards my space just enough space to squeeze through the metal barrier on left side of the road and a 16 wheeler on the other side. And no time to apply brakes.

    As my heart reached north and i was ready for the fall, the bull miraculously moved back a little and shifted its head in the opposite direction as the left handle of my motorcycle hit its head. It took few seconds for my breathing to normalize and i realized that i was still alive and the bull was still standing at the same spot.

    While I feel sorry for hurting the bull, i am also thankful for his turning back and twisting which avoided us both some major damage.

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  2. Bob says:

    Turkey vultures. Coming up on two by the side of the road, they decided to take flight. Well, if you’ve ever seen a turkey vulture takeoff, it takes them a while to gain altitude! Just as our trajectories met they flew only a couple of feet over the bike. I dropped my chest on the tank while my wife laid across my back. By best guesstimates, they cleared us by about six inches. We laughed about that one for a long time!

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  3. That’s also a serious threat in Dayton. I’ve passed a few on the road side and several have moved out of the way before I got there but after squirrels I’d say turkeys and turkey vultures are serious obsracles. Thanks for sharing!


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