Random Blurbs: Spring mowing and The Wall of Shame

It’s funny how “motorcycle weather” tends to compete with “golf weather”, but especially “lawn mowing weather”. The past week has mostly been “waiting on rain to stop so I can mow” weather, and unfortunately has delayed any cool adventures to share. The bit of riding I’ve been doing has pretty much been the daily commute; while not particularly exciting, tends to have its peaks of excitement provided by some of my impatient, ignorant, and otherwise distracted fellow commuters. My ride to work is about a half hour, which isn’t particularly long, but since it’s through downtown, still under construction, let’s just say “I meet people”. Now that the new GoPro has joined the team, I started a new page MotoADVR: The Wall of Shame so I can highlight all the silly things that I see when traveling from A to B. Please feel free to comment about your similar experiences, and stay tuned to the page for new updates.

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6 Responses to Random Blurbs: Spring mowing and The Wall of Shame

  1. robhoulison says:

    Hey dude, so you have to mow your lawns in the states the same as us Brits, then enjoy the ride!!


  2. Ry Austin says:

    I hear ya’… For the last few weeks I’ve had to take the few chances, the few rain breaks, to mow the lawn before it grows another foot, and the only riding I’ve done is commuting. If it hadn’t been for the forecasted cooler temps and nearly continuous washout this weekend, I’d be motorcycle camping in the desert.

    Yet for our low snowpack last winter and our continuing drought, it’s tough to complain: We need the water, and we’ll be really glad for this rain once summer sets in, things get hot, and the only thing to do is ride. I guess that all we can to is exercise patience and take full advantage of any chance to twist that throttle.

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