Random Blurbs: Editing photos and video

I told myself the best plan would be to sit down and write every evening during the Dragon Raid… knowing full well I would be drinking and socializing. That’s the way the chips fall I guess. At any rate, I’m still sifting through photos and video of each day down there, still blown away by the sights, but mostly the sheer volume of digital files. I’m currently cutting video from day 3, here’s a preview:

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3 Responses to Random Blurbs: Editing photos and video

  1. witttom says:

    Stall tactic. Lame.

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  2. Bob says:

    Been rubber ducking on the Nanny a number of times. Loads of fun.

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  3. It was definitely worth the $30 for the adventure. I’m looking forward to another trip down the river next year.


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