What about Social Media?

MotoADVR_deskI wanted to thank everyone for their responses and support of the blog from the survey posted last week. It’s been really awesome reading the feedback from everyone that participated, I really appreciate the comments and input! If you’ve not taken the survey, please do, and also know that your responses are anonymous. Based on some of the survey feedback, I figured it made sense to introduce you to the other Moto Adventurer on the social media platforms.

MotoADVR_FacebookNot long after starting the Blog I realized that it might be wise to have other social media accounts that offer other outlets for Moto Adventurer. Some of you may already follow the Facebook page; there was a time that Facebook was a fantastic outlet for blogs and businesses, but Facebook now uses some sort of cryptographic algorithm that makes it extremely difficult to attract “organic” traffic to your page without paying for advertising. That aside, I still try to post what I can on the Facebook page if it seems pithy, but for the most part, it’s the blog auto-updating the most recent post. In a perfect world, where I am writing on the blog as a full-time job, I would run all of the social media platforms more effectively, but in the meantime it takes a lot of effort to stay employed, write, meanwhile update Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook. That being said, if you prefer updates from Facebook instead of E-mail, head over to MotoADVR on Facebook and follow the page.


MotoADVR_Pinterest1I’ve actually had a Pinterest account for some time now. People are like “You have a Pinterest account?!”; I know, it’s all cooking recipes and feminine products right? Wrong, my Pinterest account is a cache of motorcycle photos, media, and general moto-know-how that I’ve collected over the past couple years. Pinterest recently added a “business account” feature, so I switched the account over to “Moto Adventurer” instead of having just a MotoADVR board. For folks that are not on Pinterest, you may find some value in surfing around the MotoADVR boards. I try to cover a lot of topics on the blog, but I struggle to get more than one post out each week; meanwhile I consume a hefty amount of motorcycle related news (especially “Triumph Press”), ponder about new Moto Bucket List destinations, shop for new gear, and search for new places to eat. Please keep in mind this isn’t just a collage of photos; many of these “pins” link to website where you can read “how-to” instructions, watch videos, or read about improving riding skills and whatnot. If you’re hanging around the blog and looking for more material, head over to MotoADVR on Pinterest and check out what else I’m into.


MotoADVR_InstagramThe most recent endeavor has actually been Instagram. Admittedly, I initially thought Pinterest was for “collecting all the pictures”, but then I realized it’s intended purpose was to save, “Pin”, articles and webpages for later. Instagram on the other hand is pretty much just that, a stream of photos related to things you like. The #Hashtag# nonsense on Facebook seems a bit silly, but hash tagging to hyperlink common interests on Instagram is a cool feature to meet other people interested in your passions. If you’re not currently on Instagram, the first hurdle is installing the app on your phone; unlike Facebook and Pinterest, Instagram is almost purely mobile based (and extremely unregulated). At first it may seem like an endless stream of photos, but like a message board, you can quickly find people that have your same bike, or are complaining about the same #motorcyclemaintenance challenges. Considering the miles I’ve been putting on the Speedmaster (still runs like a top), I’ve been doing my homework on the new Tiger, considering “rock solid” longevity is a critical requirement for a new bike. As it turns out I came across a serious adventure rider on Instagram that has the new XCx I want. I asked him how many miles he had on it, after 30,000 miles on a 2015 XCx he says he’s had no issues; just one of many interesting exchanges that happened on Instagram.


MotoADVR_YouTubeMotoADVR on YouTube was a must after my wife bought the GoPro for my birthday. While I have a reasonable amount of storage on Word Press (my Blog Domain), YouTube is a much better depository for videos considering the ease of sharing. Similar to Facebook, I can only update YouTube when I’ve cut new video content, so building a unique YouTube audience is somewhat of a challenge. However, like Facebook, at some point I’m hoping to have the resources to provide additional (and unique) content to YouTube as well (maybe “VLogging”?). So, if you’re looking to get the first looks at the latest videos, Subscribe to the MotoADVR YouTube channel and you’ll get a sneak peek at the next blog posts coming up.


Are you currently following MotoADVR any of these platforms? If so, what do you like best? Are there other platforms you think I should add?


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6 Responses to What about Social Media?

  1. witttom says:

    Hyperlink for your YouTube channel directs you to:

    Which is ok, but if you want to send people to your main page where the ‘Subscribe’ button is, maybe this is a better choice:

    Just say’n… 😉

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  2. witttom says:

    Although I see from your screen capture, that there appears to be a subscribe button/status on your video page. That doesn’t show up there for me. So, whatever… I’m just being picky. I think anyone with half a brain can figure it out, and considering most of your subscribers have at least half a brain, maybe it doesn’t matter. 😛

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  3. bikermissus says:

    It’s so true what you said about the amount of time it takes to post things on different forms of social media. In addition to WordPress I’m pretty active on Twitter and Instagram, I find both of those sites great for linking up with like-minded riders. I have a GoPro as well, though I haven’t taken the plunge into the Vlogging community yet. I know it will open up a whole other can of worms when I do…maybe I’ll start at it this winter when there’s not much else to occupy me!

    Love your blog and really enjoy your Instagram pics. Cheers!

    Liked by 2 people

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