New features on Moto Adventurer!

KitchenTableI want to thank everyone again for offering such encouraging feedback on the survey I sent out a few weeks back. I had a few plans in the works for new content and changes to the website, thanks to comments from the readership, I’ve done some fine tuning on those plans, hopefully I’m improving your experience on the page.


MotoADVR_NewRiverGorgeBridgeAt any rate, after my trip to the Dragon Raid this year, I checked a few items off the Moto Bucket List. As a result, I have put up two new replacements for the completed items, and in addition I’ve started a “Completed” page so folks can ask questions or comment about their own experiences at those places.


6269_4824427025044_5856718359573500960_nWhile I do love the sound of my own voice… or written monologue in this case, it didn’t occur to me that folks might be interested in hearing more about me (I figured I was boring?). In any case, I have expanded the “About Me” section with a new “More About Me” page for folks that are curious how my eccentric persona was forged prior to Moto Adventurer.


After writing a more lengthy bio, I thought it seemed prudent to write an “About the Blog” type post so new folks could better navigate around the blog. “What’s MotoADVR?” is short story about why I started the blog, and what my ultimate goals are. This new page also includes a list of hyperlinks to help you navigate to your desired topics.


In addition to the “What’s MotoADVR?” page, I’ve also been working on sprucing up the menu bar and widgets to make it easier for folks to find their way around the site. While I’ve been on the web since 1996, the internet has come a long way since America Online (AOL), so I’m still getting over the learning curve on Word Press. I’d love to hear from more experienced Word Press bloggers about triumph and failure with the various themes and widgets in the comments below.


Again, I want to thank you, the dedicated readers, for visiting the site week after week. I’m hoping that the new content is whetting your appetite for new adventures and food destinations to come (hopefully more Pubs and Street Eats now that winter imminent…); while at the same time making the experience more user friendly with these new additions. As always, comments below are greatly appreciated!

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3 Responses to New features on Moto Adventurer!

  1. witttom says:

    I requested holograms rather than Plain Jane 2-dimensional images, but am gravely disappointed that this feature has yet to be implemented.

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  2. I see a pic of the New River Gorge Bridge on this post. That is from the area in which I grew up. There are some FANTASTIC motorcycle roads around that part of WV. Route 60 between Lewisburg and Charleston offers two mountains worth of twisty travel that rival the Dragon.

    Hope you had a great time

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