What’s MotoADVR?

20150207_101029In late December of 2014, I sat on the couch stewing about the approaching winter, knowing that I would be forced to park my motorcycle for at least a month. I thought to myself, “I put a respectable amount of miles on my bike each year, ride to relatively interesting places, tend to learn things the hard way, have an insatiable appetite for everything motorcycles, and never turn down a good meal.”
After consulting my much wiser spouse, she agreed that I may have some sort of entertainment value to offer the masses, so on January 1st I launched motoadventurer.com (MotoADVR).


MotoADVR_ChubbysPizzaDairy3As I said, I consume an unhealthy amount of motorcycle media, so at the onset, my goal was to publish stories of my travels on par with RoadRunner or Rider Magazine; but as time went on, I realized that I  also enjoy stopping at privately owned food destinations on my riding adventures, so I added those reviews to the list of blog content.
Considering that most magazines are only published monthlyMotoADVR_BuffaloFries, and that many of the magazines are publishing the same stories about the latest and greatest “thing” that came out last month, my ultimate goal is to offer readers weekly motorcycle and food related entertainment that surpasses current internet and magazine publications. That’s the goal, I realize that I still have a long way to go, but I want to thank all of the longtime readers that have joined me on this journey, and I want to welcome you aboard if you’re a first time reader!publications.
MotoADVR_ZD_NibblerAs I said, week to week I try to write about my latest “adventure”, preferably by way of motorcycle. An adventure might be trying out a local pub, food truck, or mom and pop restaurant; you can find those updates under Pubs & Street Eats.


I like to think that I put a fair amount of miles on the odometer, so I tend to share stories of destinations off the beaten path, history, or just good twisty backroads in ride reports.


MotoADVRchain18Related to the previous statement, I also do most of my own maintenance, so if you’re interested in tips and walkthroughs, or have a question you may be interested in Motorcycle Maintenance; please bear in mind, I’m not a certified mechanic… but I’ve learned a few lessons the hard way.


MotoADVR_DrawingBoardSomewhat related to maintenance, I’ve also made a few custom accessories for my bike. As time goes on, I expect I will probably be making more, especially when I get my hands on a more dirt friendly machine. Those posts are under DIY Accessories.


I also visit a few local (and not so local) motorcycle and food related events each year. Check out the Events category and mark your calendars for next year.


I also try to get out to local demo events, and offer feedback on any gear I get my hands on. You can find those posts under Reviews.


MotoADVR_Tiger800XCxRelated to reviews, I’m always daydreaming about the next motorcycle I wish I could park in the driveway. This “What’s in your Dream Garage” section is brand new, but hopefully there will be more content arriving soon.


20150215_204425I’m an all season rider, averaging around 15k miles a year, ranging from commuting to work, taking part in organized rides, or just exploring the backroads solo. As a result, I take my motorcycle gear and riding safety pretty seriously (commuting through downtown construction is no joke; but I’m not here to browbeat you about safety). You can find those posts under the Gear and Safety category.


Random Blurbs is basically the potpourri section of the blog; you’ll find everything from a paragraph (with photos) of my weekend ride, short clips of my run-ins with wildlife, to rants about traffic.


I’m also a firm believer that things that are written down are more likely to happen, as such, I keep a published “Moto Bucket List” on this page and on Pinterest.


If you like what you see here, I also encourage you to visit some of the other Social Media outlets for Moto Adventurer.


MotoADVR_CatagoriesMany of the links listed above can also be found on the menu bar under the main banner, and also under the “category” widget on the right sidebar. Please keep in mind, while most of what you’ll find is here primarily driven by what I write, there are comment sections on various pages (including this one) where you can offer feedback and share your own experiences. Your feedback is greatly appreciated, I hope you enjoy the website and I always want to help offer a better experience for my readers!

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