Red River Scramble Schedule of Events

This year’s Red River Scramble is only a couple weeks away so I wanted to publish a general itinerary for how things are going to play out over the weekend of June 1st – 3rd.


Friday, June 1st:

Rose the Scrambler Miguels Pizza MotoADVRFriday morning will be a travel day for most folks including myself. It will take about 4 hours for me to arrive in Red River Gorge, which will shape up nicely as I plan on stopping at Miguel’s Pizza for lunch around noon. Campers at Natural Bridge Campground can also start checking in at noon and head over to Miguel’s just after dropping off their gear at their campsite.

Check-in for cabin rentals doesn’t start until 3 PM, so I plan on riding some of the twisty bits around Red River Gorge and maybe doing a little sightseeing until about dinner time. I’ll probably grab some grub to cook over the fire at the grocery store in Campton or Stanton, then head back to Slade to pick up the key to my cabin between 5 or 6.

Registration/Sign-in will begin around 7 PM at my cabin* (2nd east most cabin at Natural Bridge Campground; Natural Bridge Campground Cabin MotoADVRlook for the warthog) and continue on until 9 PM. I will have a “welcome packet” for attendees, including details for Saturday’s “Bluegrass Scavenger Hunt” hosted by Rever. I’m going to build a fire outside the cabin; attendees are invited to grab snacks and their preferred beverage and gather around the fire to meet fellow riders. Ale-8 has also graciously donated several flats of soda for this year’s event, those will also be available both evenings for all attendees (while supplies last).

*In the event of inclement weather I will move “Sign-in” to the campground shelter


Saturday, June 2nd

Saturday is the big ride day. As I’ve previously mentioned, this is a self-guided rally; maps are available on Rever and GPX files are posted here on Moto Adventurer under “where to ride”. Again, Kentucky has a lot to offer for all motorcyclists, if you’re not sure where you want to go, stop by and let me know what kind of riding you like to do and I’ll try to point you in the right direction, be it scenic, twisty, or dirt.

Bourbon Ironworks Triumph Scrambler MotoADVR

Rever will activate the Bluegrass Scavenger Hunt Challenge at 8 AM; attendees will have from 8 AM to 5 PM to pass by as many designated landmarks as possible. Designated locations can be found in the registration packet and on-screen inside the Rever app. See more details HERE.

Around 5 or 6 PM I’m going to make my way back to the campground to start another campfire at my cabin, grab some chow and get prepared to hand out door prizes along with prizes for the winners of the scavenger hunt. I will start pulling tickets for door prizes at 7 PM outside my cabin* (must be present to win). Once all of the door prizes have been handed I out, I will consult the standings on the Rever Challenge board and award the prizes to the top three finishers. Afterward, folks are welcome to stay and mingle, share “war stories” about the day’s travels, and enjoy their preferred beverages.

*In the event of inclement weather I will move the evening festivities to the campground shelter


Sunday, June 3rd

I assume Sunday will be the trip home for most attendees, unless perhaps a few folks decide to continue on to tackle the Kentucky Adventure Tour. Check-out time for Cabin rentals is 11 AM, however campers can stay until 2 PM.


Schedule Recap:

12 PM – 1 PM: Miguel’s Pizza (MAP)
12 PM – 10 PM: Camper’s Check in at Natural Bridge Campground (MAP)
1 PM – 6 PM: Ride (pre-planned routes)
3 PM – 10 PM: Cabin Check-in at Natural Bridge Cabin Company (MAP)
7 PM – 9 PM: RRS Event Registration/Sign-in and campfire at Campground (MAP)
*Registration at the campground shelter if its raining

~7 AM – 9 AM: Questions and last minute registrations (My Cabin MAP)
8 AM – 5 PM: Bluegrass Scavenger Hunt (Rever Page)
8 AM – 5 PM: Ride, hike, & adventure (optional routes)
7 PM – 9 PM: Campfire, door prizes, and scavenger hunt winners (MAP)
*Evening gathering at the campground shelter if its raining

Wake-up – 11 AM: Check-out for Cabin rentals
Wake-up – 2 PM: Check-out for Campers
ALL DAY: Have a safe ride home!


Prizes Courtesy of our Sponsors!



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2 Responses to Red River Scramble Schedule of Events

  1. TedK says:

    Seems like a really cool event. I’ve been trying to plan something similar but there seems to be a lot of logistics that I can’t pull together. Great sponsors by the way. The guys from Butler are great and I use the U-clear system.


    • MotoADVR says:

      The Butler guys are pretty cool, I’m probably gonna buy one of those Kentucky maps for myself after the event. This is the first “big year” for the event. Hopefully folks have a good time and we continue with it annually.


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