Dirt Bike Tales: First Half of KXCR 2021

“Pain, anguish, adversity, struggle, exhaustion, defeat, financial stress, maintenance nightmares… growth, adventure, challenges, community, accomplishment, satisfaction.”

Something I wrote on Instagram a few days ago. Since my departure from the military, I’ve never had such a passion for something, nor have I been punished so severely for that passion, as I have with motorcycles. The highest highs and the lowest lows, “embrace the suck” is a strange rhyme that I hear a few days after a gnarly mudder and the fever sets in again…

I apologize for my absence here on the blog. Aside from extremely heavy doses of “life”, this season I’m trying to make every round of Kentucky Cross-Country Racing if I can. With that, I’m also helping KXCR publish recap videos for the series. Each round I record footage of the morning races, drone shots of the property, and shoot my afternoon race from the saddle for as long as the battery will last.

I’ve been working toward better and better video content over the last few years, and support KXCR has been a great exercise to help hone those skills. Even if you’re not into motorcycle racing, I’d politely ask that you go over to KXCR’s YouTube channel and take a peek at this year’s teasers. Needless to say, I’d love to hear feedback here and on the channel (note: the round 4 video is my favorite thus far).

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1 Response to Dirt Bike Tales: First Half of KXCR 2021

  1. Simon says:

    GREAT writing mate keep it coming thanks Simon


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