Random Blurb: Stop means Stop right?

Over the weekend I managed to zip down a few miles of my favorite local roads. After coming around a bend I caught a glimpse of an object moving at high speed on an intercept course. Fortunately, the early warning permitted me to brake and downshift before entering the intersection. Unfortunately my GoPro was unable to capture the indignant look on my face as I passed the impatient driver whom I was convinced was going to completely ignore the stop sign.

They say “Ride like you’re invisible”, and I agree that’s a good plan; but seriously, is there any adherence to common traffic laws anymore? They still sell cars with turn signals right? Does stop mean stop or just “yield”? It’s not just limited to me riding a motorcycle, this exasperates me in a car as well. Is there no driver etiquette anymore? I assume it’s not just me?

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8 Responses to Random Blurb: Stop means Stop right?

  1. Bob says:

    It’s not just you. “Stop” is the new “yield.” It is now just a suggestion. A red light? I never, ever, assume a car is going to stop for one anymore. Traffic rules of the road no longer exist, and yes, it is extremely frustrating.

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  2. Naaaaaah, come on, that wasn’t even close to anything.
    I had one running a stopsign and into my side on a crossing not visible to me (due to a bus in his busstop hiding it), and that girl managed to ONLY look right driving into the street.
    Yepp, why look left if a bus is blocking the sight…😂

    Lucky me I one of these drivers always calculating with the stupidity of others, thus going slow in town..


  3. Paul says:

    Well I have over thirty years in the saddle and this is not a new situation but it does seem that most folks think that it is acceptable. I have taken on the thought that they will not stop, nor will they use their signal until they have started to change lanes/turn and all laws are only a suggestion until you are are pulled over.


  4. gpcox says:

    We have people just plain driving through stop signs all the time and it is very rare to see a signal light flashing – EXTREMELY frustrating – good thing I’m NOT a cop!!


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