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Cold Weather Motorcycle Riding: 13 Tips to Keep You Warm

Despite the fact that spring is technically around the corner, it snowed this week, and it’s not at all unheard of for Dayton to experience snow in April. That said, this topic has come up quite a bit in the past … Continue reading

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8 Things No One Tells You Before You Buy a Motorcycle

1. Motorcycles are expensive If you’re buying a motorcycle as a “toy”, this probably won’t phase you, but if you’ve been convinced by the salesman that riding is cheaper than driving, there’s more you should know. Sure, they’re cheaper than … Continue reading

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When is it Time for a Different Motorcycle?

If it hasn’t been overly obvious, I am absolutely slammed at the office and at home right now. I’ve unfortunately not been able to spend nearly enough time “adventuring” as I would normally. Along with that, I also suspect that … Continue reading

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How to Change a Battery: DIY Motorcycle Maintenance

At some point you’ve walked out to the bike, turned the key, thumbed the starter button, only to be met with the dreaded “click click click” of a dead battery. I actually went through this several times before I started … Continue reading

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Motorcycles aren’t as dangerous as you might think

I bet it doesn’t take five minutes for motorcycles to come up in conversation between me and a stranger. As many readers here probably know firsthand, after discovering that I’m a motorcycle enthusiast, I’m often met with comments like “I … Continue reading

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Warped Wing Brewing Company, Share Pint Make a Friend: Pubs and Street Eats 11

I’ve been wanting to do a Warped Wing edition of Pubs and Street Eats since January of last year, but considering they were only a “tasting room” (without food), I’ve been putting it off until now. Fortunately, Spent Grain Grill … Continue reading

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Motorcycle Maintenance: Valve Adjustment with 42k service

Back around the New Year the odometer starting ticking close to 42,000 miles and it was time to change the life blood in the trusty Triumph. When I neared 36k back in September, I had a discussion with friends about … Continue reading

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Urban Exploring: Remnants of times long past

A couple weeks ago, my buddy Tom moved the local moto-tag to a prominent pile of rubble (and otherwise condemned buildings) in downtown Hamilton (formerly Champion Paper Company). Since my wife was working over the weekend (this was the week … Continue reading

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There’s frost on my windshield… but none on my motorcycle

I apparently have a sickness, it’s rare, and from what I can tell, untreatable. We’re well into fall, with winter right around the corner here in southern Ohio; that being said, I realize my riding days are numbered at this … Continue reading

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Triumph Dragon Raid 2015: Day 7 – The Long Ride Home

At dinner Saturday night I was enjoying steak along with  good company, while at the same time deciding if I wanted to take the long way home, or just burn it up the freeway with the boys. Figuring that it … Continue reading

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