Pubs and Street Eats Preview: South of town fare

MotoADVR_StoneHouseTavernWeather last weekend was fantastic for riding. A buddy of mine also had a “kitchen pass” on Saturday so we met up at Stone House Tavern in Waynesville for a snack and a drink. Waynesville is a neat little town right on the Little Miami river, large enough to have their own high school, but it still maintains the small town feel with the mom and pop shops that line main street. Right on the southeast edge of the greater Dayton area, I consider Waynesville to be one of the last Dayton suburbs before you’re finally out of city traffic headed south.

MotoADVR_StoneHouseTavern1I’ve been meaning to stop in at Stone House Tavern since it opened but never got the chance. While I was under the impression it was a micro-brewery, that was not the case; however they do have a pretty lengthy draught beer list, which is typically what draws me to a given establishment. Considering I was on two wheels, I set myself to a one beer limit, along with a mandatory meal. I typically like to sample whatever local craft draught beers are available, considering most of the available taps were commercially available staples, my buddy and I tried the two Rivertown Brewing Company options, the Lager and the Dunkel. Since I’m more of stout drinker, the Dunkel was more up my alley. Admittedly it was somewhat unremarkable, but that’s typically what I prefer on a warm day; I would compare the Rivertown Dunkel to a very smooth Sam Adams Oktoberfest, which is one of my macro-brew favorites.

MotoADVR_BratwurstBurgerThe server informed us that she likes several of the sandwiches on the menu, and that the salmon was also good. I admit that I was almost snagged by the “Hot and Sticky Burger” (Bacon, peanut butter, pepper jack cheese and “inferno” jelly), along with the Hog Burger (BBQ pulled pork and habanero jack cheese), but in the end I couldn’t pass up the Bratwurst Burger. I’ve covered this before, but I can’t pass up the All-American hot dog, so why not have it on a burger bun?  Obviously I had no idea what to expect, but in the end, the saucer shaped bratwurst with hints of salt and pepper was served with mustard, lettuce, onion, and tomato; delicious! Having just scratched the surface of the menu, I expect I will return in force to give you a full-fledged review.
MotoADVR_ChubbysPizzaDairySouth of town with sunlight left to burn, I felt that it was only fitting to take one of my preferred routes down toward Blanchester in search of dessert. While I typically stop at the United Dairy Farmers in Blanchester for gas and a snack, I noticed a drive up pizza and dairy place had recently re-opened so I wanted to take a quick peek. Cutting through Fort Ancient and twisting past Morrow, Chubby’s Pizza and The Dairy Point Restaurant (“all under one roof”)MotoADVR_OldFord sits on the north side of Blanchester right where Middleboro Road meets State Route 133. While chowing down on my chocolate on chocolate sundae, my buddy pointed out an old pickup parked in this mom and pop used car lot across the street. Considering the Americana adorning the walls of the building, I couldn’t resist the photos.

This Saturday afternoon adventure was just another ad hoc ride through south Dayton but has opened up new street eat options. Stay tuned for more details later this summer.

How often does one of your random rides lead to the discovery of a new favorite stop?


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