Random Blurbs: Full Tilt Whitetail

Over the weekend I joined a buddy of mine for a trip down through bourbon country . On the way I spotted a deer moving at full tilt through the trees. Fortunately I was on the brake and downshifting long before it headed across the road.



I spot deer quite regularly while riding in the early morning, and often on country roads as early as seven in the evening, but this guy roaming about at three in the afternoon was extremely odd.

What varieties of mother nature have you been running into lately?

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8 Responses to Random Blurbs: Full Tilt Whitetail

  1. Ry Austin says:

    On Saturday I clobbered a large cottontail, checked the mirror afterward to see it spin in the road. It’s the second rabbit I’ve hit while riding, and I sure hope I killed it and didn’t just injure it… Animal suffering ain’t right.

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  3. Katy says:

    That deer was BOOKING IT. Glad it didn’t hit you or your friends (that would’ve been a whole other video…) As for me and wildlife, I think I once hit a bat or an owl once, after interestingly enough almost hitting a deer.

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  4. Bob says:

    Believe it or not, I haven’t had any “contact” with wildlife. However, on one ride on the Blue Ridge Parkway riding 2 up with Roo, we came around a blind curve and there standing in the middle of our lane were two deer. Had to haul the beaST down quick and whip her upright. Good thing our speed was down and the lean angle not to deep. The deer never moved.

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  5. Experimental Ghost says:

    I got “intercepted” by a bush turkey once and another time I ran over an Eastern Brown Snake (2nd most venomous in the world after the Tiapan).

    There I was cranked over on a right hander and thought, oh-oh better straighten up a bit there’s a stick mid corner, thats when the stick moved.

    I tell ya I never lifted my feet so high under the ‘bars before or since. Just as well too, because it wasn’t very happy when I ran it over.

    I few people I know have been cleaned up by Kangaroos… that never ends well.


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