Random Blurbs: Is that a camera?

The older I get the less in touch with technology I am. When I was 17, I saved a couple paychecks and bought my first computer (633 Celeron), at 18 I saved more checks and bought a pre-paid cell phone (that I didn’t need);MotoADVR_GmaxGoPro today I actually type some of these blog entries on a laptop I bought in 2006 before shipping back to Iraq for a second time. Knowing this, I’m often shocked by people’s response when they see me cruising down the road wearing my GoPro. GoPro has been around for years now; the Hero 3 that I have is far from new (mine was bought used in fact), yet it seems to turn heads, literally, just about everywhere I go. Over the weekend this reached a tipping point, on no less than three occasions I was asked “is that a camera?”; including a very polite couple on a Harley, sitting at a stop light. Mind you, most of these people have been very polite, but I’m truly starting to feel like an alien.


Is it the fact I have a camera mounted to my helmet? Would the response be different if I was on a 600cc crotch rocket instead of a cruiser? Has the average Joe never seen a GoPro in person? Enlighten me, because I’m at a loss.

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8 Responses to Random Blurbs: Is that a camera?

  1. Doug DeBug says:

    I would think most cyclists have seen them by now. The holdouts will certainly be the cruiser crowd. While the helmet mount does steal the most awkward glances, it provides the best views.

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    • I have no doubt that my textile gear and full helmet already attract attention from the cruiser crowd, the GoPro seals the deal . If it’s in my helmet I can take photos of things in my peripheral that I obviously can’t from the handle bars or frame. Thanks for reading!

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  2. Dan says:

    Hey….what’s wrong with a 600cc crotch rocket? 🙂

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  3. Bob says:

    Most of the cruiser crowd aren’t familiar with them probably because they can’t be attached to hair (-:

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