Random Blurbs: Trains, Tunnels, and Bridges

IMotoADVR_RipRapBridget’s August and the summer is whipping by. I feel like last year I rode twice as often compared to this year. Just a few days ago I heard a news story that confirmed my suspicion, this has been the wettest June-July on record in Ohio. Beyond helping my wife with charity events, I’ve been struggling to keep up with the blog, so I figured I’d leave a little note with some random photos from some of the recent and not so recent travels.

MotoADVR_B&OCaboose As previously mentioned, I play a considerable amount of “Moto Tag” with my RAT Pack pals. Trains and bridges are obviously very prominent landmarks, especially around Dayton where many decommissioned B&O sites and rail cars are still standing. Speaking of bridges, amidst the busy spring and despite the rain, I also missed a motorcycle event that I wanted to do again; the Preble County Historical Society (Eaton, Ohio) hosts and event called “Bridges, Bikes, and Blues” in late June. The ride tours 8 covered bridges in Preble County (7 of which you ride through if memory serves) and ends with a big BBQ festival in downtown Eaton (what’s not to like?).

So how is all this related? Well, I tend to collect photos of rail caMotoADVR_ChessieCaboosers, train trestles, and various bridges; not all for moto tag of course. Covered bridges, especially those that are still in operation, and tunnels tend to make for fun rides (or is it just me?); while at the same time I find all of the before mentioned subjects interesting, including the history when I have time to do research.

Are there certain things you take photos of on a ride? Do you plan rides around certain destinations or just point and shoot?







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5 Responses to Random Blurbs: Trains, Tunnels, and Bridges

  1. I love the pic with the bike under the bridge where you can still see the open sky, such a cool perspective.

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  2. Ry Austin says:

    Drew, I think that few subjects are more photo-fascinating than trains, trestles, and bridges–oh, and deteriorating structures of any sort. In fact, this Saturday morning I’ll be riding to an area of historic and current rail usage and industrial activity (about 40 miles north), all in the hopes of happening upon some great photo ops. Where I’ll ride after that, I don’t know, though there are some stellar canyon roads in that neck of the woods.

    It seems like it’s been a summer of weird weather all over: unusually hot in the pacific northwest; unusually dry on the west coast; and here, in Salt Lake City, we had our coolest July since the late ’90s. Strange goings-on going on…

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