Turning the corner on the New Year

MotoADVR_JanSunriseWell, 2015 is officially in the books. While I have turned another page on the calendar, I don’t really see myself as the kind of person that makes resolutions and whatnot around the new year. However, this is the beginning of the dark time for most of us motorcyclists in the northern hemisphere; in my case that does equate to “planning time”. Related to the Event Calendar I posted recently, I typically spend the next four weeks or so scouring the web for motorcycle events and demo days.


I do however want to take a moment and again thank everyone for reading the blog each week and even leaving comments and feedback. Aside from all the fun stuff I plan on doing for me, I hope I can continue to entertain and maybe even inspire folks in the coming year.


While I spent most of the holidays with family or just relaxing, I actually have a pretty decent backlog of writing topics I need to get to.

A little teaser of things on waiting in line:

2016 Bonneville reveal, a close up tease of the 6 new Triumphs in the Bonneville line


MotoADVR_EscapPantsPart 2 of the Firstgear review, the TPG Escape Pants




DIY tips on the Triumph Speedmaster; I Just finished the 42,000 mile service over the holiday (valve adjustment, fuel filter, oil change etc.)



MotoADVR_SwampWaterGrillLong overdue Pubs & Street Eats, I have several places in mind I’ve been to recently, I just need to sit and write one



As always, comments welcome below!

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2 Responses to Turning the corner on the New Year

  1. Stephanie Smith says:

    Happy new year, and here’s to a safe and fun one! Keep up the blog, it’s very enjoyable to read!

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