Appalachian foothills in the Bluegrass State

It’s been a crazy week, and it’s only Wednesday. If I’ve not already mentioned, I do a little writing during the evening on rainy days, but for the most part the vast majority of my blogging is done on my lunch break at the office. I don’t know if it’s the early spring or what, but things have “just come up” all week, throwing off my rhythm. I imagine quite a few the regular readers are familiar with that problem. That, combined with the fact my neck and back have kept me from riding the past few days, I’m just totally out of sorts. At any rate, considering the suddenly slow riding cycle, I figured I’d share a few photos from good Friday while I finish editing photos from the Chicago IMS.


I’ve previously mentioned my love for eastern Kentucky, and much like last year, my first trip down that way this year was to see family. The weather was less than ideal for riding last Friday (36F with rain), so I drove the Jeep, but I did dedicate some time to take a walk and enjoy the scenery.


I realize that I’m actually quite sheltered considering what little time I’ve spent west of the Mississippi River, but I can’t say enough about Appalachia and general. Moreover, while the Blue Ridge and the rest of the Smoky Mountains have majestic views, I’m still partial to the cliffs hidden in and around the Red River.


I originally had intentions of walking around the entire ridge line on my folks’ property, but considering that time with Grandma is precious, I stuck with a short walk around the cliff face taking in the sights. The rain held off just long enough for me to capture a few shots of the cliff face from the far side of the “holler”, but ultimately the light mist really set the tone for “smoky mountain” imagery.

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2 Responses to Appalachian foothills in the Bluegrass State

  1. curvyroads says:

    Beautiful pictures! My sister lives in Louisville and just visited the Red River gorge area for the first time last month…what a coincidence! 🙂

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