Singing in the Rain…

I wouldn’t go as far as to say I’m terrified of riding in the rain… but close. One of my goals with “the new bike” is to ride, rain or shine, whenever possible. The “rubber met the road”, as they say, yesterday on my way home.


I stand firm, if you want to conquer your fear of riding in the rain… you must ride in the rain.



With the right gear, mid-controls, good rubber, and a positive attitude, things are going well so far!

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6 Responses to Singing in the Rain…

  1. Bob says:

    And, it can be fun, provided there’s no lightning!

  2. Paul Uhlman says:

    Come on Drew. That is not much rain. Of course that is why you need those Denali lights. I think the worse for me and Betty was an all day ride in the rain across Kansas. Then you find out how waterproof the gear really is.

  3. Getting comfortable in the rain just adds another tool to the toolbox. Trust your tires and learn your limits! Better to be comfortable before you get in a situation where you must ride in the rain!

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