Red River Scramble 2019 Updates

In case you missed the news just before Christmas, this year’s Red River Scramble will be held Thursday, May 16th through Sunday, May 19th (REGISTER HERE). You may have noticed that Moto Adventurer was a little quiet last fall, per my previous comments, a lot of “life” was happening, but at the same time I was standing up a new website for this year’s Bluegrass Adventure Rally. So, on with the news:

New Website!

Red River Scramble was so successful last year that I have now launched On the new website you’ll find the event description, registration, optional routes, and additional links to Rever, maps, GPX Downloads and more. I will likely manage the news blasts here on Moto Adventurer and on Facebook, but I wanted to give the event its own site since it’s been so well received.


Changes for 2019

Between the feedback from the attendee survey, and my own experiences at last year’s Conserve the Ride, I have made a few changes to this year’s rally. First, we’ve added an extra day of riding, but most importantly, we’ve moved locations. This year, Red River Scramble will be held at Lago Linda Hideaway near Beattyville. This new location is about 20 miles south of Slade, offers more amenities, and has more capacity in the event we experience additional growth this year. Just like previous years, lodging arrangements are the attendee’s responsibility, so be sure to check out Lago Linda’s website (see link above).

Along with building the new website, I have almost doubled the GPX tracks available for both pavement and off-road riding. Moving south to a new campground offered opportunities to add new sections of twisty pavement to the event. In addition, by splicing up the DBBB and locating additional un-paved roads, I’ve put a lot of effort into creating skill level based dual-sport routes for GPX download. Lastly, I had a few requests for paper maps last year. With the help of the Kentucky DOT website and some creative photo-shopping, I’ve patched together local pavement and dual-sport maps that will be available for download.


More about Dual Sport Riding

First, if you’re only interested in pavement riding, don’t sweat, per my comments above, I’ve added even more miles to this year’s tracks, and honestly, you’ll struggle to find a boring road leaving Beattyville. However, if you’re looking for more trails, or looking to dip your toe in the dirt for the first time, I’ve expanded the selection and have taken deliberate steps to make route selection easier.

Per my comments last year, while not the only option, the Daniel Boone Backcountry Byway (DBBB) is the big draw to the area. That said, the terrain conditions vary from novice to advanced difficulty depending on season and what section you’re riding. Thus, I have revamped the DBBB GPX tracks so that folks can ride the route in a loop that, for the most part, increases in difficulty as you go. That said, some folks want to stick to the “scenic” off-road riding, while others want to get a taste of the more advanced options. For scenic riders, I’ve built GPX tracks for both “Novice” and “Intermediate” off-road riders. Please keep in mind, I have built these routes with larger adventure bikes in mind, so if you’re an experienced rider, or have a lighter dual-sport bike, your opinion on my difficulty assessment may vary. Now, for advanced riders, I’ve built the DBBB “Extreme Loop” by combining the hardest sections of the DBBB with the “Hard” (marked RED) sections of the Kentucky Adventure Tour. Per my comments on the “Where to Ride” page, these tracks are intended for advanced riders only, and are likely to be extremely hazardous for large bikes and motorcycles without proper off-road tires.

Lastly, I received a few inquiries about dedicated single track last year. White Sulphur OHV Trail is just north of Frenchburg, not far from Slade, which offers 20-some miles of OHV trails that are limited to vehicles under 50 inches wide. I’m told that these trails are seldom traveled, I expect that will allow attendees to get their fix of exclusive off-road trails, along with views near Cave Run Lake. Be advised, you will need to pick up a permit from one of the local outlets ($7 one-day, or $15 3-day pass), but several are on the way north from Beattyville (See Permit Locations Here).

In addition to White Sulphur, Hollerwood Park is twenty minutes up the road from Lago Linda. Still in its infancy, Hollerwood is a brand new Multi-county OHV cooperative. For $30, a 30-day pass offers off-roaders access to 2,500 acres of Kentucky wilderness. Per my previous comments, Hollerwood is brand new, and is still in the process of publishing maps and marking trails. Adventurous, experienced riders are likely to enjoy exploring the hidden backcountry inside Hollerwood Park (including Townsend Cave), however less intrepid riders expecting a “guided tour” are likely to be discouraged by what they find.


I want to take every opportunity to thank our event sponsors. This has been a grassroots event since day one, and I want to stay true to its “meet for Pizza and ride out in search of adventure” beginnings. With that, sponsors have generously donated items for door prizes, and in exchange I ask that folks thank those sponsors, share photos of their products on social media, and tell them how much you appreciate their support. The Dragon Raid, Stephanie Smith Creative, Tirox Products, and Rever have already signed on to again support this years event. Upshift Online and Road ID have also joined the ranks this year, and hopefully there will be more to come. If you’re interested in sponsoring this years event, or have a suggestion for someone we should reach out to, hit us up with an e-mail and we can chat details.


Final Housekeeping Notes

As the event gets closer, I will publish an event schedule. I want to have at least one rider meeting so I can address safety, along with any questions people may have about finding the best routes for their taste in riding. I expect I will have registration Thursday evening, with late registration Friday, and perhaps Saturday morning for the last minute arrivals. I am also in the process finalizing details with Rever for another addition to the Bluegrass Scavenger Hunt. As these things get settled I plan on publishing a short list of the GPX routes available, and a few tips on evaluating your off-road riding skills, that way if folks don’t have anyone to ride with, they can group up based on ability if they so choose. As always, I’m anxious to hear comments on things you’re looking forward to, or and feedback from your previous experiences at Red River Scramble or even other adventure rallies.

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2 Responses to Red River Scramble 2019 Updates

  1. Dan Gathercole says:

    These are exciting some exciting developments. I’m really looking forward to this rally and pouring over the maps and GPX files. Thanks for the hard work


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