Red River Scramble: Adventure Calls

With less than 140 days to go, I decided to put together a little “promo” video for Red River Scramble. Over the past three years, I’ve not taken nearly as many photos or videos of the event as I’ve wanted to. Fortunately, with the help of some loyal attendees (thanks Bill and Jeff!), I managed to splice together a 2-minute highlight reel of what’s to be expected on some of the “Adventure Loops” at this year’s Scramble.


If I can piece together more footage, I also want to cover some of the Dual-Sport and pavement options available. I want to avoid a lengthy video that’s predominantly from my perspective, so I may need to reach out to the community to get a more diverse selection of footage and photos ( for those interested).

It’s like 50 degrees outside at the moment but I expect winter to settle in any minute now. I’ll be making more reconnaissance runs to the Bluegrass at every opportunity between now and May. We already have a few new (revised) routes published, hopefully, I’ll uncover more in the time allotted; I suspect folks will enjoy blasting down Fixer-Leeco Road regardless.

As always, I love hearing feedback from the community about the kind of riding they’re looking for. If you’ve been to Red River Scramble in the past, hit me with what you’ve enjoyed most about the event so I can continue to provide an entertaining “adventure” for folks that make the journey.

Red River Scramble Registration:

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