More Ways to Motorcycle: Indoor Two-Wheeled Entertainment

At this point, most of us are at least two weeks into some form of COVID-19 “social distancing” routine. For some folks, that might mean the motorcycle is parked for a while. In my case, I’m trying to get out when I can, but there’s no question the riding is a bit restricted.


Not long after government “Stay Home” orders were released, I started receiving various text messages from friends asking about the motorcycle podcasts I listen to. When I’m not moonlighting as a moto-blogger, I spend my days sitting at a CAD machine for forty-plus hours a week. Needless to say, I consume a lot of motorcycle related audio to fill the silence. Working from home the last couple of weeks, I’ve exhausted most of the new material, but I wanted to share with folks the various outlets I listen to.

Motorcycle Men Podcast

Ted Kettler and his brothers sit down every other week or so and shoot the breeze about motorcycle stuff. Ted usually publishes an interview on the bi-weeks with various motorcycle personalities. If you recall, Ted interviewed yours truly a little over a year ago. That interview is actually what spurred my interest in motorcycle podcasts. Ted has interviewed an incredible number of guests over the last five years, including Alonzo Boden, Charlie Boorman, Robert Pandya, Graham Field, and countless others.


Brap Talk

Jensen Beeler of Asphalt and Rubber hosts a weekly podcast about motorcycle industry news. For those unfamiliar, right around the 2008 recession, Jensen Beeler passed the bar exam but struggled to find work as an attorney. He started a website in his basement which soon became his full-time job and is now one of the best motorcycle publications available. Jensen is joined by co-host Shahin Alvandi. Shahin is a former manager at various motorcycle dealerships, Ducatista, and adventure enthusiast; images of his “Lucky Strike” Multistrada can be found on all reaches of the interwebs.


2 Enthusiasts Podcast

Before BrapTalk, Jensen Beeler hosted the 2 Enthusiasts Podcast with co-host Quentin Wilson for about 3 years. If you like Brap Talk, go take a peek at the 2 Enthusiasts archives; the personality dynamic is a bit different, but the overall feel of the shows is the same. It’s also interesting to go look back at breaking motorcycle news of the time in today’s light.



When YouTube becomes a Podcast. Revzilla’s YouTube Channel is arguably one of the greatest reasons the online retailer was so successful. Revzilla took it a step further by hosting a roundtable discussion between three of their normal video hosts to discuss hot motorcycle topics (Spurgeon, Joe, and Lemmy). That YouTube bit was later repackaged into a podcast, including material that was normally left on the cutting room floor.


Adventure Rider Radio (and ARR Raw)

Since 2014 Jim Martin has hosted a podcast dedicated to adventure riders and their passion. Jim publishes an episode of Adventure Rider Radio (ARR) weekly, including stories from the road with world travelers, riding techniques and tips from motorcycle instructors, and interviews with industry personalities providing gear and services to the adventure community.


Motorcycles and Misfits

From Santa Cruz, California, Liza, Miss Emma, and a swath of personalities talk about repairing and restoring motorcycles at the “Recycle Garage”. Various guests passing through Santa Cruz often join the show and the entire crew discusses hot topics and quandaries as motorcyclists. Beyond chit chat, Miss Emma is also a veteran mechanic and goes deep into the weeds about the mechanical operation of motorcycles, how to diagnose various issues, and epic explanations of the history of motorcycle companies and their bikes.


Dirt Bike Channel

Kyle Brotherson launched his podcast recently after having several years of success on his YouTube channel. Similar to Highside/Lowside, much of his content is on both platforms, but the podcast is recorded separately and tends to go further in-depth considering he doesn’t have to hassle with video. Dirt Bike Channel is obviously what the name suggests, which is not particularly inclusive of street-legal bikes; however, there’s a lot of information about off-road riding, along with interviews of some of the industry’s best riders and manufacturers.


Dirt Bike Test

Sit down with Jimmy Lewis for Taco (and Tequila) Tuesday. I’ve just started listening to this podcast in recent weeks, but similar to others, Jimmy sits down with various (famous) personalities and talks about bikes, riding, and experiences. He had Johhny Campbell and Ricky Brabec on in recent episodes, both of which I highly recommend.


Cleveland Moto

The Yin to Motorcycles and Misfits Yang, Phil Waters of Cleveland Moto hosts a show with an entourage of various Cleveland personalities to discuss craft beer and everything motorcycles (and scooters). The gallery of personalities is quite vast, with tastes in riding and motorcycles to boot. Phil is also extensively knowledgeable of older motorcycles and frequently dives into the details of wrenching and motorcycle design.


Beyond Audio, I also “listen” to several YouTube Channels. Depending on the content, I will often circle back to it after work and catch the video portions I missed.


While I’ve never walked into a store, I would say FortNine is the Revzilla of the great white north. That said, their video department is drastically different. Ryan “F9” hosts the channel and covers whatever motorcycle topic that enters his head; from the best waterproof gear to the best chain cleaners/lubricants, to the pros and cons of mounting a car tire on your motorcycle. Brace yourself, Ryan pulls no punches.


Beard Model and Adventure Specialist… who am I kidding, Steve’s a real dude riding and crashing real motorcycles we all want to ride. Steve no shit races adventure bikes and publishes video for the masses to enjoy. He also does reviews on some of the latest adventure machines.

Attention Deficit

From Central Ohio, Tanner brings a hometown, authentic feeling to youtube. Like other channels here, he and his girlfriend cover a myriad of motorcycle topics, do wrench videos in the shed, all the dank whoolies on the CRF250L, along with some trail riding and live shows.

Brake Magazine

I found Brake Magazine a while back when looking at T7 vs. 790 videos. These guys put together some top-notch videos with hot on/off-road machines.

Cross Training Enduro

Orange Koolaid drinking dirt muppets need not apply, but if you’re an uncoordinated Gumby like myself, this is a one-stop shop for how-to videos for skills you should practice in the back yard and on the trail to pump up your off-road game. Even if you don’t ride a dirt bike, the Aussie dry humor never gets old.


This is just a list of the channels I frequent the most, I could easily publish a list triple this size if I included them all. What are you doing at home to stay sane these days? I’m sure some folks are still working at the office, some are still riding. Even if that’s the case, what moto-media outlets do you like best? Leave a comment below and let the masses know what they’re missing out on.

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8 Responses to More Ways to Motorcycle: Indoor Two-Wheeled Entertainment

  1. Kennet says:

    On YouTube, I also like Yammienoob for brief dose of moto-themed comedy (make sure sensitive ears aren’t around though as the language is quite “adult”)


  2. Ted says:

    Dude, thank you so much for mentioning the Motorcycle Men. I really honored to be counted with such a premier list in this blog post. I’m flattered. I always enjoy a post from you and this one made my day. Thank you.


    • Drew Faulkner says:

      Least I can do Ted, this list woulnd’t even exist if not for your Podcast. I did your show, started listening to your show, then suddenly I’ve exhausted every Moto Podcast out there. Addiction is a funny thing…


  3. Jesse says:

    As I have to work from home as well, it’s really cut down on my riding. I feel like I’m missing a whole riding season. Winter!


  4. Jesse says:

    And I might add, no wheelnerds !?!?!


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