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Ride Every Day: Reflections On 180 Days in the Saddle

Tuesday, July 25th, 10:46 PM After hours of farting around in the headlight bowl, I successfully spliced over a burnt connection and Rosie the Scrambler fired to life. Having sat out the previous day, the riding streak was reborn. Wednesday, … Continue reading

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Riding Your Motorcycle Everyday: Reflections on 90 Days in the Saddle

While not the absolute warmest I can remember, it goes without saying that this year’s winter in southwest Ohio was unseasonably mild. I slipped in a handful of rides in January, and even a few more on the front end … Continue reading

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Cold Weather Motorcycle Riding: 13 Tips to Keep You Warm

Despite the fact that spring is technically around the corner, it snowed this week, and it’s not at all unheard of for Dayton to experience snow in April. That said, this topic has come up quite a bit in the past … Continue reading

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How Cold is Too Cold to Ride: Approaching the Limit

From the social media updates around the country, it appears that a bit of snow has fallen over the past week. Apparently “The South” got a dusting, but undoubtedly, we also got a good batch of it here in southwest … Continue reading

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How to Winterize Your Motorcycle: The Unconventional Method

Turn the key. Pull in the clutch. Thumb the ignition.   Wait… what?   Did I mention “unconventional”?   Look, countless articles have been written on winterizing your motorcycle. This time of year it’s the same old song, clean up the … Continue reading

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There’s frost on my windshield… but none on my motorcycle

I apparently have a sickness, it’s rare, and from what I can tell, untreatable. We’re well into fall, with winter right around the corner here in southern Ohio; that being said, I realize my riding days are numbered at this … Continue reading

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