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Ride Every Day: Reflections On 180 Days in the Saddle

Tuesday, July 25th, 10:46 PM After hours of farting around in the headlight bowl, I successfully spliced over a burnt connection and Rosie the Scrambler fired to life. Having sat out the previous day, the riding streak was reborn. Wednesday, … Continue reading

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Riding Your Motorcycle Everyday: Reflections on 90 Days in the Saddle

While not the absolute warmest I can remember, it goes without saying that this year’s winter in southwest Ohio was unseasonably mild. I slipped in a handful of rides in January, and even a few more on the front end … Continue reading

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The Triple Nickel and Big Muskie Bucket: Checking Items Off the Moto Bucket List

Last April I tagged along with my cousin when he went out to Columbus to take a look at a Scrambler he found on Craigslist. About five minutes after he sealed the deal and parked this “new to him” Scrambler … Continue reading

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Rever, Ural Motorcycles, and the #WinterBeDamned Challenge

Just a few weeks ago, there was snow on the ground and I was making plans for rides later this year. As I mentioned, I’ve been a bit miffed about that fact that there doesn’t seem to be an efficient … Continue reading

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How Cold is Too Cold to Ride: Approaching the Limit

From the social media updates around the country, it appears that a bit of snow has fallen over the past week. Apparently “The South” got a dusting, but undoubtedly, we also got a good batch of it here in southwest … Continue reading

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Scrambler Adventures: Shawnee State Forest

With a few new parts bolted on, it was finally time to go find some real dirt to test Rosie the Scrambler off-road, or as I quickly realized, my off-road competence. A few weeks back, I got a text from a buddy about … Continue reading

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2016 Yamaha FZ-07: First Ride Impression

A couple weeks back I stumbled across a random ad on social media about a Yamaha demo event in south Cincinnati. Considering my wife has also been putting in the overtime as of late, I decided to get up early … Continue reading

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Warped Wing Brewing Company, Share Pint Make a Friend: Pubs and Street Eats 11

I’ve been wanting to do a Warped Wing edition of Pubs and Street Eats since January of last year, but considering they were only a “tasting room” (without food), I’ve been putting it off until now. Fortunately, Spent Grain Grill … Continue reading

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Lucky Star Brewery, The Mexican Cantina: Pubs and Street Eats 10

On a snowy Sunday in mid-January, how about some Tequila Aged Stout to warm up your insides? I imagine the look on your face is probably the same one I made when I was reading the beer list on the wall … Continue reading

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Triumph Dragon Raid 2015: Day 7 – The Long Ride Home

At dinner Saturday night I was enjoying steak along with  good company, while at the same time deciding if I wanted to take the long way home, or just burn it up the freeway with the boys. Figuring that it … Continue reading

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