Random Blurbs: Photos from the weekend

MotoADVR_CurveDeservesThe last two years I have volunteered to lead the August ride for the Dayton chapter of the Triumph RAT Pack (Rider’s Association of Triumph). As I’ve been saying for the past few weeks, I’ve been tooling around the Little Miami River corridor in search of the best nearby curves. On Saturday morning we had breakfast at Blue Berry Cafe in Bellbrook (more on that later hopefully!), from there we twisted around Beavercreek, Waynesville, Oregonia, then had lunch in Blanchester; from there it was more back roads through Clarksville, Spring Valley, and Corwin.

This route is probably the best selection of my favorite local roads (especially Fort Ancient), so I mounted the GoPro down on the bike frame again, just in front of the left exhaust header for the best low angle shots from behind the wheel.

Note: Below you’ll see a billboard for the AMA Pro Hillclimb at Devil’s Staircase is held in Oregonia, Ohio. Mark your calendars for October 11th.


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