Red River Scramble: Adventure Meetup in Red River Gorge

Early this year I was struck by the bug to do a significant amount of exploring in Red River Gorge this season. Hatton Ridge Triumph Scrambler MotoADVRObviously some of that has already come to fruition, and as a result I’ve received a lot of inquiries on Instagram about riding in Kentucky. Waiting for my calendar to free up a bit, I had originally planned on putting together a “Meetup” down that way next summer; however interest has been pretty remarkable among the Scrambler/ADV community. Thus, I’ve decided to bite the bullet and throw a date on the calendar.

Miguels Pizza MotoADVRSo… the weekend of July 22nd and 23rd I will be headed down to Red River Gorge to meet whoever shows up to “Scramble” their motorbikes. I will be at Miguel’s Pizza for “brunch” on Saturday morning, with plans to head out around noon to ride wherever folks want to ride. This is a completely grassroots event, so I have no idea how many people will show up, what bike’s they’ll have, or where they will want to ride. I figure folks can break off into various groups based on riding “taste” and “have at” whatever flavor of adventure suits their fancy.

Estill Furnace Triumph Scrambler MotoADVRIf you have a Scrambler, Adventure bike, or just a general interest in the “genre”, come on down to “The Gorge”. All makes and models of bikes are welcome, “Scrambler” is simply the theme. Red River Gorge has some of the best roads I know of (paved and unpaved), so I’m looking to share the experience with other riders that share my passion for the backroads.

RedRiverScrambleFlyerI have set up an event on Facebook (Red River Scramble Event) so folks can discuss plans for the weekend, lodging, and riding plans. I have also started a group on Rever (Red River Scramble Group) so folks can get access to local routes, both on and off road. Please head over to those links to mark your calendar and explore what options are available.

“Roll what you got”, we’ll see y’all in July.

Chimney Top Rock Pano MotoADVR


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13 Responses to Red River Scramble: Adventure Meetup in Red River Gorge

  1. red450 says:

    The Scrambler is looking awesome! Definitely want to check out Red River Gorge area when I get back on 2 wheels.

    • MotoADVR says:

      Thanks Red! I love this bike, and it keeps evolving, so it stays fresh all the time! It goes without saying that the Gorge is my favorite place to ride, and I have several more trips planned this summer. Hopefully you’ll get there!

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  3. curvyroads says:

    Sounds like fun! I hope you have a great turnout!

    • MotoADVR says:

      Thanks! Me too. If it’s not apparent, that’s my favorite place to ride, so hopefully more like-minded folks will come to the same conclusion!

  4. adventure720 says:

    Looks amazing!

    • MotoADVR says:

      My absolute favorite place to ride. So much to see, so many good roads. You should go!

      • adventure720 says:

        I can see why it is your favorite! I’m down in Texas (actually live close to the Red River on the Texas-Oklahoma border.) But if I am ever out that a way, this is now on my list of places to ride!

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  7. liberodave says:

    Could you post a map of your route?

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