Red River Scramble 2018: The Bluegrass Adventure Rally

Kentucky Highway 77 Nada Tunnel MotoADVR2018 is finally here, beyond a lengthy list of goals I’ve already set for this year, another big one is to host the second edition of “Red River Scramble”. For new visitors to the blog, Red River Scramble is a casual grassroots motorcycle rally hosted by yours truly in Red River Gorge, Kentucky. For those unfamiliar, nestled in the Appalachian foothills, Red River Gorge is a canyon system littered with sandstone cliffs, rock shelters, waterfalls, and natural arches. The paved roads in and around the gorge are some of the best in the Bluegrass State, meanwhile the off-road riding offers adventure seekers challenges over a myriad of conditions with intimate access to some of the area’s unique scenery.

Long time readers here know that eastern Kentucky is arguably my favorite place to ride, so I want to share that experience with similar minded motorcyclists. Rose the Scrambler Miguels Pizza MotoADVRThis year the event will run from Friday, June 1st, to Sunday June 3rd, and will be held primarily at the Natural Bridge Campground in Slade, Kentucky. I expect that I will ride down Friday morning, catch lunch at Miguel’s Pizza (I’ll be easy to spot, Rosie is unmistakable at this point), spend a little time wandering around the gorge until I can get keys to my cabin at the campground. At that point I’ll get a good fire rolling as I wait for more guests to roll in. It’s my intent for attendees to enjoy some casual riding and sight-seeing Friday afternoon, then meet up for a campfire at my cabin as an informal meet-and-greet and “check-in”;SkyBridge MotoADVR that should give folks a chance to mingle and form riding groups for the next morning. Saturday will be the big riding day as I expect quite a few groups will tackle the Daniel Boone Backcountry Byway (DBBB), while others break off to see more of the local landmarks and enjoy the twisty pavement. After a long day of riding Saturday, folks can again gather around the fire pit and “swap lies” about the day’s adventures. As of this moment, I’m also planning on having a few (limited) giveaways Saturday evening.

Chimney Top Rock Pano 3 MotoADVRJust like last year, admission is free, and riders will be responsible for their own gas, meals and lodging arrangements; I will however be sure to point you in the direction of a good time, that much I can do. The event will again be rain or shine, so please plan accordingly; hopefully the Bluegrass State will bless us with comfortable June weather. Natural Bridge Campground has multiple levels of accommodations, from fully furnished cabins with indoor plumbing, designated RV parking with associated hook-ups, multiple tent camp sites including 110V power connections, along with typical primitive arrangements; bathroom and shower houses are also available for campers.

DCIM125GOPRO“Adventure” is the spirit of the event but again, dual sport bikes are not required. Per my previous comments, paved roads in the area are some of the best in the state, many of which also grant attendees access to some of the best views. Inversely, the dual sport riding can accommodate a multitude of skill levels; The DBBB includes challenging trails around the entire area, meanwhile riders new to dirt can get a taste for gravel on many of the well-manicured forest service roads inside Daniel Boone National Forest.Spaas Creek Road Triumph Scrambler MZ Baghira MotoADVR Seasoned adventure riders may also want to consider making an entire week of the event and tackling the Kentucky Adventure Tour (KAT) as it overlaps with the northern portion of the DBBB in Slade. Just like last year, the “Red River Scramble: Where to Ride” post is live and updated. Attendees can get access to maps from that post and the associated links.

I have also set up several supporting pages for the event this year, most importantly Registration. Again, admission is free, but I would like folks to register so I can get a rough “head count”; it will also make it easier to contact attendees with additional information about the event. Along with registration, I have a general event page which includes links to the associated sites, along with a specific FAQ site which covers a few topics more in detail (i.e. dining and alternate accommodations). The Red River Scramble REVER group is also still live for folks that want to join Rever and preview maps per my comments above. There is also a Facebook Event for this year’s rally if you wish to share the event on social media.

Considering there’s plenty of snow on the ground in many parts of the country, now’s as good a time as any to tune up your motorbike. Mark your calendars and we’ll see you in June.

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