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2016 Yamaha FZ-07: First Ride Impression

A couple weeks back I stumbled across a random ad on social media about a Yamaha demo event in south Cincinnati. Considering my wife has also been putting in the overtime as of late, I decided to get up early … Continue reading

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2016 Harley-Davidson Roadster: First Ride Review

In the past couple weeks I caught some moto-media snippets about a new Sportster being released by Harley Davidson. Based on the initial photos I suddenly realized that this new “Sporty” was adorned with some legitimate kit. I suspect that with … Continue reading

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Firstgear TPG Escape Pants: Long-term Review

I’ve been working on getting the last photos posted from the International Motorcycle Show in Chicago the past few weeks, but I wanted to switch topics and circle back to finish the review on my Firstgear kit. I’m sure I’ve … Continue reading

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Moto Guzzi, the other Italian Motorcycle

The Saturday before last (3/12) I decided I wanted to check out another motorcycle dealer in Cincinnati; I’d seen several of their Craig’s List ads and it really wasn’t that far from home. As it turns out, Cadre Cycle in … Continue reading

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The Harley Davidson Museum: The History of Milwaukee Muscle

I realized that I was going to miss the International Motorcycle Show in Cleveland while I was on vacation with family in Florida a few weeks back. After talking things over with the “boss” I decided to make the trip … Continue reading

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The Triumph Bonneville Reborn

On more than one occasion I’ve mentioned I’m clearly in the tank for Triumph Motorcycles. Obviously, the launch of the completely new Triumph Bonneville line is a “must-see” for a Triumph die-hard like myself. Considering that family obligations may keep me … Continue reading

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First Gear TPG Rainier Jacket: Long-term Review

Since it’s officially winter, I figured now is as good a time as any to review the First Gear “kit” that I’ve often mentioned. Last summer I started searching for some better winter riding gear. At the time, my best winter … Continue reading

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What brings you to Moto Adventurer?

We’re entering the 11th month of this blogging experience and I thought it was only fair to you, the readers, to get your opinion on how things are going. I’m currently sitting on more content than I can keep up … Continue reading

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Triumph Dragon Raid 2015: The Iron Horse Motorcycle Lodge

Beyond spending a week in the Smoky Mountains, enjoying some of the best roads east of the Mississippi River, staying at the Iron Horse Motorcycle Lodge is also one of the highlights of my annual vacation. Nestled in the Stecoah … Continue reading

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Metzeler ME 888 Marathon Ultra: Taking it further

A few months back I wrote about changing out my front tire from the Metzeler ME 880 to the new ME 888 Marathon Ultra. This year’s trip to the Dragon Raid had a few casualties, my rear ME 888 that … Continue reading

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